Kyle Juliano stills the longing heart with his latest single

Known for his soulful and heartfelt compositions, Kyle Juliano shares the pain of losing someone and the bittersweet memories shared with them. His latest single, “Still You” also recounts the process of longing and hoping for that person to come back. Although it speaks of heartache, it’s also an enchanting example of how someone’s love can change you for the better. 

It all started with an outpour of emotion, his keyboard and the melancholic, slow progressions, Kyle was then able to create a composition everyone can relate to. He is known for putting into melody his own experiences as well as other people’s stories. With a whooping 45 million streams on Spotify and his previous single “Crashing” that has been a favorite among his listeners, Kyle is yet to tug at our heartstrings once again with his latest song “Still You”.

“Still You” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and all digital stores worldwide under Universal Records.

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