TDCX Leads Positive Transformation; Launches Global CSR Program in 2020

TDCX Philippines provided food packs to the victims of Typhoon Rolly in partnership with Operation Blessing Philippines. 

The passion to serve and promote positive change has always motivated boutique firm TDCX in its over 25 years of operation, and the establishment of its global Corporate Social Responsibility program further attests to that. Launched in October 2020, TDCX has aligned its philanthropic efforts and goals across Asia, Europe, and Latin America to lead the positive transformation it aims to bring.

Focusing on their people (#BeHappier), the local communities (#BeKinder), and the environment (#BeGreener), TDCX has begun to diversify its CSR initiatives notwithstanding the constraints brought about by the pandemic — leading a positive change amid a global crisis through the unwavering support of its employee volunteers called TDheroes.

The BPO company also displays a sunny disposition in terms of its philanthropic efforts. TDCX Philippines CSR Champion Rhinnon Pamintuan shared his profound confidence about this recent undertaking. “We’re just humbly getting started, but our spirits are as relentless as ever. We know that in our quest towards positively transforming the world around us, the process entails transforming ourselves as well, and we couldn’t be more enthralled,” Rhinnon enthused. “We pledge to work even more to achieve excellent corporate citizenship by putting people, communities, and the environment’s best interests in everything we do.” 


What started as a marketing campaign has become one of the three strong pillars of TDCX’s CSR program. #BeHappier aims to further uplift the lives of every TDCX employee through inclusion and diversity, employee engagement and well-being, great compensation and benefits, and career acceleration opportunities. These key items helped the company to be recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia for two consecutive years now.


From strengthening their core, TDCX’s CSR also includes #BeKinder, this time aimed at empowering local communities. The company intends to pursue educational development, community support, and relief programs primarily through its partnerships with local and international non-profit organizations. 

Some of the initiatives TDCX teams have carried out in different countries include donation drives, bloodletting programs, and free meal provisions to medical frontliners helping battle COVID-19.  


TDCX also recognizes its part in taking care of the environment, thus its third pillar #BeGreener. The company advances workspace sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, environmental awareness and protection, and the use of sustainable office merchandise. 

Amid this pandemic where people are encouraged to take care of themselves and their loved ones, TDCX keeps its commitment to its people, the community, and the environment, with the belief that things can always be improved and made better. 

TDCX’s framework is simple: it is driven by its mission to help its partners and people achieve success through innovation, guided by its vision of excellence and commitment to creating a positive, transformative impact.  

To learn more about TDCX CSR, check out their website, or follow their journey on their social media pages. 

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