Max’s Group Grants Entrepreneurship Opportunities With New Community Partner Program

Extending support to empower local communities has been a growing need due to the effects of the pandemic. Understanding this trend, Max’s Group, Inc., the company behind such well-loved brands as Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Krispy Kreme and Yellow Cab, launched its Community Partner Program, an initiative that seeks to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit of more Filipinos and at the same time, bring their Max’s Group favorites closer to their own neighborhoods. 

The Max’s Group Community Partner Program gives Filipinos the opportunity to earn extra income by selling Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Dencio’s, Teriyaki Boy, and Sizzlin’ Steak ready-to-cook items, as well as Jamba Juice’s ready-to-blend smoothies within their own neighborhoods and communities. With a one-time fee for as low as P10,000 inclusive of a P5,000 starter package, partners are given the head start they need to properly set up their reseller business as a community partner of the Max’s Group. The program allows partners to purchase products at a cost-friendly rate for a minimum order quantity. Likewise, they are provided with marketing materials to help them promote their products to their community.  Partners will also receive a product catalogue and undergo coaching checkpoints every 6 months to equip them with the necessary skillset to flourish in the program.

Interested applicants may join the Max’s Group Community Partner Program by signing-up at After this, the Max’s Group Community Partner team will send an e-mail with payment procedures and an agreement form. Once an applicant has been approved as a partner, a Community Partner Tool Kit will be provided. This completes the process and starts one’s journey to reselling Max’s Group favorites.  

Through this initiative, the company hopes to better involve Filipinos to work together in community-building efforts to bounce back from the economic effects of the pandemic while delighting new customers with quality food and a great dining experience in different formats. 

“Making our delightful dining experiences accessible to more Filipino homes is a big part of our strategic shift into the new normal,” shares Max’s Group President & Chief Executive Officer Robert F. Trota. 

“Our Max’s Group Community Partner Program reflects what we are known for and also an indicator of where we want to be: a company working towards helping communities grow through fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and optimism. Guided by this vision, we believe that moving forward from the challenges of the current times is best done as one,” he adds. 

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