5 activities to turn family merienda into fun bonding moments

For Pinoy families, merienda is a tradition typically enjoyed twice a day with good food and great company. To make the usual merienda more fun and exciting, here are five activities that families can try while bonding over light and easy-to-prepare food, just like the Jack N’ Jill treats we sent over recently. I hope you liked them!

URCommunity Mart 2021 brings popular snacks closer to households

The past year may have changed the way people shop, but one thing remains the same: people constantly look for good food choices that can be enjoyed and shared with the entire household. To keep Pinoy favorites closer to Filipino families across Metro Manila, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) brings back its roving store, URCommunity Mart.

Take a break from adulting with your fave childhood snacks

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes get overwhelming. Slow down once in a while, and give yourself time to recharge. What better way to reconnect with the best years of your childhood than with snacks and activities you adored while growing up!

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