“RESBAK” By Gloc-9, Pricetagg, Omar Baliw, CLR, and Shanti Dope Is The Hottest All-Star Rap Song Of 2022

“Kapag ‘di sigurado ‘wag masyadong mabalisa / Basta’t sinimulan darating ka sa kabila”

Shanti Dope Is Bursting With Wonderful “Tricks” In Latest Single

“Parang si Rihanna, babae pero hustla ayaw mo sa drama, gusto mo sa gangsta,”

Shanti Dope and Flow G’s “Kamusta” Is A Reminder To Go And Check In On Our Friends

Kamusta MV just hit 1M views in less than 48 hours after its release and is currently trending at Number 2 For Music on Youtube

“Maya” By Shanti Dope Salutes All The Youth Eager to Hustle for Success

Today, Shanti Dope has dropped an astounding new single titled “Maya”, a song written with the goal of becoming a strong anthem for the new generation in mind.

Shanti Dope Drops Sonically Rich ‘Basic’ EP Featuring Collabs with Pricetagg, Mhot, Hero, DAARTH, and HELLMERRY

Rap Phenom Shanti Dope is ready to shatter the airwaves with the release of his brand-new EP called ‘Basic’ under Universal Records.

Shanti Dope And Pricetagg Want You To Just Trust The Process In Fiery Collab “Amen”

Shanti Dope is extending his winning streak this 2022 with the explosive release of “Amen”, his brand-new single featuring Pricetagg.

Find Out Why Rap Heavyweights Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope are “Back Home!”

Going into 2022, two of the biggest names in the local hip-hop scene Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope are going to continue to be part of the Universal Records Philippines artist roster.

After getting international acclaim, Shanti Dope is back with new song LOADED featuring Hellmerry.

Despite getting international acclaim with his song “Amatz” being featured in Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV series, Shanti remains grounded and shares the limelight collaborating with a talented newbie indie artist such as Hellmerry.

Shanti Dope talks about living a successful life in his latest single “LOADED” featuring HELLMERRY

Shanti Dope drops another surprise single to start the month of October with such sick beats and rhythm. In this new track featuring the up-and-coming artist, HELLMERRY, Shanti gives us a glimpse of what it is like to live a successful life loaded with all that they have ever dreamed of.

Internationally acclaimed rapper Shanti Dope continues to soar high with his brand new single “Peekaboo”

The country’s Rap Phenom is unstoppable in making waves and imprinting his own brand of music in the local and international scene. Internationally acclaimed hiphop artist Shanti Dope continues to soar high when he hit the global spotlight three times since his debut.

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