Stay on top and on track of your retirement goals with AXA 

The way we spend and save affects our financial stability, not only in the present but also in the future. As retirement is inevitable for most of us, to live comfortably and worry-free in the days to come, we need to plan ahead while we are still in our prime earning years.

AXA Philippines supports marine environmental education through Emma by AXA 

This August, AXA Philippines is partnering with Oceanus Conservation, a science-based non-profit environmental organization focusing on the conservation and restoration of blue carbon habitats in the Philippines, to promote ocean literacy to Filipino children.

Tips to become physically active again 

Two years into the pandemic, a lot of us may have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. According to a survey by the Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute in 2022, around 27 million Filipinos are overweight and obese, and this number is increasing at a rapid rate. Lack of physical activity can result in inconveniences such as back pains, muscle and joint pain, and feeling more tired and lethargic.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a car insurance

Buying a vehicle is a huge investment, and one that you need to protect. One way to do this is by having a reliable insurance product that protects your vehicle as well your loved ones from harm and third party liabilities. It will also have more financial benefits for you in the long run, and with the recent oil price hikes, we don’t want to add more unnecessary expenses. 

4 things to look for when making a career move

Choosing the right career can help you feel fulfilled both as a professional and as an individual.

6 tips to keep you protected in your day-to-day life

Even in today’s modern world, we’re still constantly surrounded by dangers and threats to our safety – these can happen to anyone and usually when we least expect it. While we tend to focus on the more obvious or larger-scale threats to our safety, we must not forget the day-to-day dangers that we must continue protecting ourselves from.

Secrets to successful tidying up and home improvement featured in first run of AXA Rewards Real Sessions

Clearing your house of clutter will not only free up space, but can also help you and your family sleep better and become more healthy and active. This is why, when your home is overrun with clutter, it’s time to take action and focus on getting organized so you can start the new yearon a cleaner, healthier note.  

AXA recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’

AXA employees reported that the company truly emphasizes a work culture that embraces people, unique ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

AXA hailed as one of Interbrand Best Global Brands in 2021

For the 13th consecutive year, leading insurance company AXA is once again among the world’s Top 50 Best Global Brands, as recognized by Interbrand. The insurance leader is also among the Top 5 fastest-growing financial services brands globally.

6 tips that can lead to work flexibility and a better life

Being flexible can help you achieve better career and personal life.

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