Meet R Rules, the newest girl group under MCA Music Inc.

Four-piece girl group R Rules are set to make a splash in the music scene with their empowering anthems.

Love is a gamble in Dionela’s latest single “Sugal”

Rising star Dionela is riding the soul train with the release of his new single “Sugal”—out today via MCA Music Inc.

Zack Tabudlo finishes 2021 strong with his full length debut album, Episode!

2021 was a year of breakthroughs for singer-songwriter, and producer Zack Tabudlo. His anthemic singles “Binibini” and “Nangangamba” dominated multiple local and international charts across major streaming platforms.

Zack Tabudlo delivers romantic earnestness on new song “Ba’t Ganto Ang Pag-ibig”

It’s interesting to think how infatuation can bloom into something divinely romantic, yet difficult to articulate. But in Zack Tabudlo’s universe, expressing one’s affection is better delivered in stripped-down, guitar-pop music—as if he knows that a way to someone’s heart is a sweet, melodic chorus and a soaring instrumentation.

Over October navigates uncertainty with hope on new EP, Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Over October returns with a brand-new EP helmed during a time when everyone is navigating the pandemic with an uncertain future. Their latest EP, Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow is their answer to the ongoing crisis: a collection of songs that reflect their feelings, frustrations, and hopes during a tumultuous period in their respective lives.

Zack Tabudlo expresses the joy of unconditional love on new song “Habang Buhay”

Filipino singer-songwriter/producer Zack Tabudlo transports the joy of long, lasting real love on his new single “Habang Buhay”—out today on all streaming platforms via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Over October breaks the mold with first Tagalog song “Sandali Lang”

Acclaimed Filipino band Over October are breaking the mold with the release of their first Tagalog EP “Sandali Lang” under Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Juan Karlos Makes His Comeback In EDSA-Set Music Video

One afternoon in July, a pickup truck was seen strutting across the busy stretch of EDSA. Sitting at the back was a young man, strumming a guitar while singing a melody amidst the unruly noise of the urban traffic.

Elise Huang asserts self-worth and empowerment on alt-R&B bop “Lonely”

Now ready to map uncharted territory while maintaining accessibility, Elise Huang finds a middle ground between introspective, acoustic pop and producer-driven R&B on “Lonely”—her first official single under Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Juan Karlos returns from hiatus with arresting folk-rock tune “Boston”

After taking an indefinite hiatus from social media, acclaimed artist Juan Karlos returns with a new single that showcases a more laid-back, stripped-down approach in terms of songwriting and production.