Dear SV is now on GMA!

Starting this coming November 18, the public service program shall feature its all-new episodes that highlight inspiring stories of ordinary Filipinos who never lose hope and remain resilient despite the struggles and challenges they face every day.

Hosted by Tutok to Win Party-List Representative Sam “SV” Verzosa, ‘Dear SV’ shall serve as the guiding light and hope for the individuals and communities across the country by giving help through sustainable livelihood, scholarships, employment and financial assistance. The program premiered on CNN Philippines last February.

“I’m so grateful to my first home network for giving me the opportunity to venture into TV hosting,” shares Sam.

SV, as he is fondly called, takes pride in the public service program for he has been exposed to real stories of real people. He personally witnessed the harsh realities of life; some of which he thinks are for reel. One of his unforgettable encounters is with 86-year-old Lola Fedeng, who ekes out a living for her family as a pedicab driver.

“To me, that was really an eye opener. Imagine, Lola Fedeng still works at her old age. She actually represents the majority of Filipinos who belong to the poverty line, but are still working hard to make both ends meet. Her story is really inspiring. That’s what we want to share – to inspire more.”

Sam has experienced ‘many firsts’ in his life through the show like pedaling a pedicab, cleaning fish in a wet market, and more. He boasts of his immersion in the show, learning more life’s lessons.

“My close encounters with Lola Fedeng, Tatay Rolando, Ronnie and others have humbled me. Now, I am grateful and content with what I have,” beams Sam.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Frontrow International, President of Maserati Philippines, Director for Charity of Miss Universe Philippines, co-founder of Frontrow Cares and founder of Batang Sampaloc Scholarship Foundation Inc., claims that he keeps the legacy of his late father by helping the helpless. That’s why he continues to share his blessings. Plus, he always reminds himself with his dad’s advice: Never forget to give back.

“I’m more excited now with our new home network,” Sam quips. “This will give us more opportunities to share more inspiring stories to many Filipinos through the network’s wider reach,”

‘Dear SV’ highlights not only individuals but also the communities that hurdle all the hardships to improve and uplift their conditions in life.

“My advocacy is to help the helpless who work hard to improve their standard of living. And that’s exactly what ‘Dear SV’ stands for,” concludes Sam.

Dear SV airs every Saturday at 11:30 PM on GMA.

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