A Rising Industry Partner: FullFill addresses pain points in business operations, brings end-to-end solutions for MSMEs

A Rising Industry Partner: FullFill addresses pain points in business operations, brings end-to-end solutions for MSMEs
FullFill founders Joy Chua (left) and Che Secillano (right).

In the dynamic landscape of small business ownership, the demands of daily operations such as storing, picking, packing, and logistics coordination can be overwhelming — leading emerging entrepreneurs to lose focus on the bigger picture of furthering their ventures. FullFill (We Empower Ecommerce Solutions, Inc.), a business operations and fulfillment support startup, aims to bridge the gap in end-to-end operations for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). 

Established in November of 2022, the women-led business supports the operations of MSMEs based in Manila and various parts of the country. Through its order fulfillment servicemicro-warehousing facility, and digital content support, FullFill aims to boost growth and create stability amongst entrepreneurs who want to professionalize and scale their venture.

Its founders, Joy Chua and Che Secillano, are no first-timers in the industry. As seasoned corporate leaders, and now budding entrepreneurs, Joy and Che have had their fair share of milestones that paved the way for curating an ecosystem where opportunities to grow and scale are accessible and efficient for MSMEs.

“Our journey began with the aspiration to empower the backbone of our economy – MSMEs. We understand the challenges they face, being start-up business owners ourselves,” shares Chua, “FullFill was born from the desire to provide accessible and relevant solutions, so business owners can focus on the more important things in their lives – family and business growth.”

“This is modern-day Bayanihan for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs,” Chua added. 

Strategically located in Pasig City, FullFill sustains the end-to-end operations of its merchant partners in both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) channels. Tapping various industries like beauty and wellness, pharma and health, home, kids, and other consumer goods. 

Empowering MSMEs through Holistic Operations Support

At its core, FullFill offers fulfillment services and micro-warehousing support for growing home-based entrepreneurs. The company offers micro-warehousing units sized 20, 30 and 50 square-meters (sqm), depending on the partner’s needs. 

Through its unique service called “FulFilled by FullFill” – FullFill takes over as a merchant’s full-time operations partner, leading the way from receiving, storing, picking and packing, dispatching, logistics coordination, and reverse logistics. 

According to Chua, the concept was curated to help entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in Manila but don’t have the capacity to set up a new team.  

A Rising Industry Partner: FullFill addresses pain points in business operations, brings end-to-end solutions for MSMEs
FullFill’s storage spaces can range from entire micro-warehousing units to temperature controlled shelves.

Expanding its flexibility, FullFill recently started to offer temperature controlled shelf spaces that can maintain approximately 24 to 26° celsius – catering to a wider variety of temperature-sensitive products like vitamins, health supplements, skin care, and more.

Realizing the importance of digitization, FullFill also offers an in-house production studio exclusive to its merchant partners. Through their own marketing team, they assist brands in  creating awareness in the ecommerce sphere – offering digital content support and social media management.

“Our goal is to empower businesses with relevant tools they need to succeed in a digital-first world,” says Chua. “We want to simplify their journey of pursuing their passion, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best while we take care of the operational complexities.”

FullFill also provides digital marketing support, website creation services, and other digital services through its partner collaborators.

A unique business model 

The comprehensive support for MSMEs is backed by a network of trusted collaborators, fostered by FullFill themselves. These collaborators offer assistance and support on business registration, accounting, marketing and advertising, crowd-funding, and more to MSMEs who need guidance in maneuvering the basics of the industry.

A Rising Industry Partner: FullFill addresses pain points in business operations, brings end-to-end solutions for MSMEs
FullFill’s founders, Joy and Che, with their tenant partners and collaborator partners in various industries

Their 360 solutions create an ecosystem of operations solutions that stem from one goal – MSMEs uplifting other MSMEs. This dedication has paved the way for cultivating an industry that supports collective growth. “Our commitment to addressing these pain points of MSMEs drives us to build an industry that thrives on holistic growth. By providing comprehensive solutions and fostering a supportive community, FullFill is rewriting the playbook on how businesses collaborate and scale together,” concludes Chua.

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