Goodest partners with Pawplife to aid shelter groups and communities

Goodest partners with Pawplife to aid shelter groups and communities
Goodest partners with Pawplife to aid shelter groups and communities

As it puts its mission of giving cats and animals the love and care that they deserve at the heart of its business, Goodest, the brand of affordable and nutritious cat food, is proud to launch the campaign, Giving the Goodest in partnership with Pawplife, the country’s leading online community for pet parenting. With the help of Pawplife, Goodest promises to support several cat welfare organizations in the country by donating much needed cat food to maintain their shelters and cat populations.  By donating nutritious and delicious cat food to thousands of stray and community cats Goodest wants everyone to know that we believe every cat deserves the goodest. 

Healthy cat food for animal welfare groups 

Along with care and shelter, pet groups and organizations also have a significant need for pet food. These non-profit groups mostly rely on contributions. Goodest sees an opportunity to help these pet groups by supplying GoodestCat Food that may help their cats be healthier and happier while they are in their care. With the help of Pawplife, Goodest has reached out to a range of pet organizations from established ones to smaller community groups that feed strays. 

These include the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), one of the most established and longest running organizations in the country that promotes the welfare of strays, and CARA Welfare Philippines that has an extensive network of foster homes to help strays in need of shelter. Both organizations run their own clinics that offer low-cost health services for strays and pets. Goodestalso partnered with Pawssion Project which is a non-profit organization that is also dedicated to animal welfare. These organizations will receive Goodest cat food supply to help sustain their daily operations, ensuring that their furry wards will receive tasty and nourishing food, thanks to 3 extra-scrumptious Goodest flavors made with the freshest meat ingredients: Tender Tuna, Chicken Chomp, and Meaty Mackerel.  With cat food already covered by Goodest, they can now focus more on helping stray cats and rescuing animals in need! 

Partnering with cat communities and shelters

Aside from welfare groups, Goodest and Pawplife are also set to collaborate with local cat communities and shelters nationwide such as Adopt.PH, Cats Around Town PH, Cats of Legaspi Village in Makati, Bark Mission, Cats of UPLB, and Doc Gab, a home and community-based veterinary service solely run by a licensed vet which offers affordable, convenient, quality, and safe veterinary services through various outreach events. 

Spreading the word on proper furparenting

Inspiring stories with furparents and their furbabies, as well as practical furparenting tips – these are just some of the stories that Pawplife features on its social media platform. Under their joint project, Goodest and Pawplifeaim to help over a thousand stray cats by echoing the advocacy of animal welfare organizations and communities, helping spread awareness about animal welfare, and educating people on how to be more compassionate and take better care of animals.

Thanks to Pawplife’s extensive reach within the pet community in the country, Goodest will now be able to reach out and support more cat shelters, communities and organizations that share the same goal of giving stray cats the love and care that they need and deserve. Pawrents can check out Pawplife’s official Facebook page at and  Instagram account at No matter how big or small, every step you take for animal welfare can help save their lives!

Through this meaningful partnership, Pawplife and Goodest help ensure that all cats are loved and cared for.  And this is only the beginning as Goodest is all set to do more – the brand will be rolling out more partnerships and programs to help support cat welfare groups and communities. 

Want to make a difference by helping make the world a better, safer place for animals? Be sure to follow Goodeston Facebook and Instagram @goodestpetfood, and its partner organizations on social media for more updates. To know more information, visit

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