Santé’s 16th Anniversary Press Conference Ignites the “Rise Up” Movement: Empowering Lives and Inspiring Transformation

Santé's 16th Anniversary Press Conference Ignites the "Rise Up" Movement: Empowering Lives and Inspiring Transformation
(From L to R) Santé’s CEO Joey Marcelo, COO Mike Sibayan, and Marketing Director Lorelie Acop come together at Santé’s International Headquarters to discuss the brand’s 16th-anniversary initiatives

Introducing a new product to the market and honing a brand is no easy task. Still, in sixteen years, Santé has successfully expanded its operations globally, increased its business owners’ reach and numbers to keep up with the demand for barley nutraceuticals, and diversified its product line and offerings to its customers and business partners.

With its mantra of Live More. Do More., Santé continues its goal of offering Filipinos high-quality barley grass products to enhance their health and well-being, while also serving as a preferred partner for achieving a better life. Within sixteen years, Santé has dominated the barley grass industry and successfully risen up to be on top, positioning the brand as the barley authority that Filipinos can take pride in. 

This was the theme of Santé’s 16th Anniversary, which kicked off with a press conference at the Santé International Headquarters in Silang, Cavite on Monday, August 14. Guests gathered to commemorate Santé’s significant milestones from its humble beginnings to where the brand is now: at the top, yet still rising up to the challenge of making an impact on people’s well-being and quality of life, extending beyond borders and touching the lives of individuals across countries and cultures to help them live better lives.

During the press conference, Joey Marcelo, Santé’s Chief Executive Officer, unveiled Santé’s expansion plans to tap more markets globally, emphasizing Santé’s strength as a Filipino brand with an impactful global presence, currently operating in 10 countries. Marcelo noted that the pandemic has led to a demand for health and wellness products, and this trend will continue even with the country’s economy on a path to full recovery. Santé is fully prepared to address this demand by further expanding its business owners’ reach through retail and global expansion, providing Filipinos all around the globe with the necessary support to live better lives. 

“We are more than just a Filipino company when we uplift our business partners, we are also uplifting the communities they belong to through our quality products and services,” Marcelo said. Santé, at its core, is a Filipino company, from its foundation to its operations, the brand aims to help fellow countrymen wherever they are across the globe.  “It’s definitely a brand that the Philippines can be proud of, and our track record speaks for itself,” Marcelo added.

Also present in the press conference was Santé’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Sibayan who highlighted the strength of Santé’s business operations and supply chain. With direct selling at its core, business partners are provided a self-owned entrepreneurial platform with flexible working hours, additional income, and the benefits of actual employees in a standard company.  “This, along with Santé’s global presence, our partners are exposed to various cultures and learning best practices from a diverse set of individuals all united under Santé’s vision of a healthy lifestyle and financial security make the brand the premier employer of choice,” Sibayan added.

The event also highlighted the company’s 16th-anniversary gathering for its business owners, partners, and special guests, which will take place on August 15 at SMX Convention Center. Hosted by James Deakin, the event will treat Santé’s loyal partners with a day of inspiration through its guest speakers, Angeline Tham Xiwen the founder of Angkas, Chinkee Tan, the Pambansang Wealth Coach, and influential motivational speaker and author Francis J. Kong.

Santé’s event will also feature its elite leaders who achieved a financial boost through their business partnership with the company. “We will also be recognizing significant members who have delivered growth and amazing results through their business with Santé,” said Marketing Director, Lorelie Acop. “Santé is all about empowering our partners, which is why we dedicated a special gathering for them to recognize their achievements, which helped the company Rise Up to its status today,” Acop added.

To further celebrate its 16 years of success, Santé gifted sixteen lucky attendees with sixteen prizes, ranging from a weekend getaway at Santé’s Leisure Club, an overnight stay at Pico de Loro Santé, Santé’s yacht experience, and a 3-month membership in Santé’s Fitness Lab: showcasing Santé’s further ventures outside of nutraceuticals that showcase the brand’s commitment to holistic wellness.

Santé continues to be at the forefront of revolutionizing health and wellness in the Philippines for 16 years through its business operations and ventures, reflecting Santé’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives and communities. By announcing its global expansion plans, sharing insights into its premier employer status, and setting the stage for the SMX convention, Santé is poised to create waves in the health and wellness industry.

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