NCT Home in the Philippines

NCT Home in the Philippines

NCT Home in the Philippines finally opened its doors last July 22 and will run through August 17 at the SM MegaTrade Hall 2, SM Megamall. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, the immersive experience features the daily lives of the 19-member K-Pop boy group of SM Entertainment, NCT. The multiple award-winning group has sold out performances globally and built up a loyal audience, affectionately called NCTzens – this experience is sure to WOW fans!

NCT Home in the Philippines is the first ever of its kind in the country and the exhibit will take you on a journey through several areas of their HOME where each zone is designed to deliver a different mood and feel.

To set the tone, guests are welcomed through a bus station so as to feel like they’re with the members on the way HOME. Here, guests will be greeted by staff and queue to enter the first official room of the exhibit. Each guest is given a total of 60 minutes to go through the succeeding areas.

The day is winding down and as the sun sets, guests will then be guided into the Romantic Garden where they will be greeted by lifesize versions of their favorite idols on screen. Within the lush garden of this zone, you will also find a basketball court, an activity many of the members enjoy doing! Guests are encouraged to play a round or two there.

NCT Home in the Philippines

From the Romantic Garden, a warm entrance awaits through a path. Guests are greeted by the area their beloved pet Rocco loves to hang out and play with his best friends, NCT!

As guests walk through, a calm atmosphere awaits! The Living Room is filled with fun activities the members love to enjoy during their downtime. Here, NCTzens also get to enjoy Gacha machines where they can try their luck and win a prize! For those who want to relax, there’s lots of comfy seats in this area where they can watch their favorite members’ give encouraging messages and heartfelt greetings – exclusively for NCT Home.

What follows, is a grand Hallway, a crowd favorite that proudly displays some of the members’ actual wardrobe from previous activities. Guests also get to have an interactive experience with massive touch screens – with a simple touch of the screen, members strike different poses. A perfect chance for guests to get a photo opp with their favorite members!

Guests will likely be flowing with excitement from the Hallway so as they walk through a starry tunnel into the Dark Room, NCTzens can rest on the comfy beds. The room is enveloped immediately by the members’ gentle voices. This room will definitely have guests relaxing!

Once guests have regained their energy, they can walk through to the Home Party. Home Party gives the vibe of an outdoor cinema where NCTzens can lounge on mats on the grass while watching exclusive content, especially made for NCT Home.

As the exhibit comes to an end, guests enter the merchandise zone where they can purchase merchandise exclusively made for NCT Home in the Philippines. Photoism photo booths are also available at the exit where NCTzens can commemorate their memorable visit to NCT Home!

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