Endo Lighting Corporation, a Japan-based pioneer of LED lighting, recently introduced Synca, which allows one to control lights according to one’s personal needs and wants. 

People now enjoy outdoor activities right at the convenience of their homes.  Whether working, exercising, or entertaining guests, lighting is one of the key components that helps set the desired atmosphere.  Synca lights offer the perfect multi-functional solution for residential and commercial spaces.

With proper lighting, one’s circadian rhythm and sleep pattern can be improved.  Further, the right lighting can help in one’s focus, enabling the body to be more productive or even aid in rest and relaxation once the body needs to wind down.  Appropriate lighting is also critical in one’s physical and mental well-being.

Regardless of the time, place or occasion, Synca provides the best lighting to elevate one’s environment to the next level.  One can now visually simulate a morning with a nature-inspired green color or elevate a room to a home theater experience with mood or themed color lights.  

Synca’s unique features include a 1800K to 12000K color temperature that ranges from candle light to clear blue sky.  Synca closely follows the Planckian locus* and can replicate vast colors of natural light.


*Planckian locus: chart of the path that the color of an incandescent black body would take in an articular chromaticity space as the blackbody temperature changes. The closer the light is to the path, the more natural it is.

In addition to the temperature color range, Synca’s 121 accenting color selection replicates natural phenomenons and seasons using tones that blend into the environment naturally. Its High CRI (Color Rendering Index) also shows the true colors of an object.  Synca lights are also glare-less, the reduced presence of the lights seamlessly blends into a space and is therefore easy on the eyes. 

Synca lights come in three varieties: Smart LEDZ Fit is perfect for small spaces or one-room operations.  It allows one to switch scenes using a smartphone app.  Smart LEDZ Base is suited for multiple rooms and allows for an easy by-schedule operation and is also equipped with an intuitive interface.  Smart LEDZ Fit Plus, on the other hand, is ideal for large spaces. Its expandable system was designed for a multi-storey operation with features such as individual control, scene switching, schedule configuration and expandability of maximum registered units.

“We are pleased to announce that Synca is finally out in the market.  This innovation by Endo Lighting Corporation is consistent with our commitment to create an earth-friendly and people-friendly lighting environment by further exploring the other potentials of LEDs,” said Mr. Yusuke Goto, Endo Lighting Philippines’ General Manager.

Recently, Endo Lighting Corporation hosted A Night of Japanese Wellness through its distributor, Our Curated House, in Taguig City.  Guests were given an overview of the benefits of proper lighting through a lighting industry expert as well as a demonstration on the many uses and benefits of Synca. 

To know more information about Synca, visit www.ourcuratedhouse.com or call (632) 8818 9193.

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