Sanofi partners with multi-stakeholders to achieve WHO Immunization Agenda 2030

Sanofi partners with multi-stakeholders to achieve WHO Immunization Agenda 2030

In light of the EU-Asean Business Council Mission Trip in the Philippines, Sanofi Asia Vaccines proudly shared its commitment to advancing life-course immunization programs worldwide. As one of the founding members of the APEC Vaccines Task Force, Sanofi joins hands with 21 APEC countries to strengthen immunization efforts and support the achievement of the WHO Immunization Agenda 2030 in leaving no one behind.

“By reducing the risk of hospital admissions and preventable mortality, life-course immunization improves public health outcomes, enables longer life expectancy, and fosters productivity,”

Ms. Ada Wong, Public Affairs Lead of Sanofi Asia

Life-course immunization is a strategy to prevent diseases over one’s entire life, yielding substantial health benefits and cost savings. A vaccinated workforce can significantly reduce workdays lost to preventable illnesses. Economically, life-course immunization offers remarkable returns on investment, with an estimated USD $44 return for every USD $1 spent and potential cost savings of up to USD $50,000 per year. Yet despite the advantages, life-course immunization uptake across the region and in the Philippines rates remain low.

Ms. Wong acknowledged the efforts of Philippine policymakers, such as the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to expand the Senior Citizens Act and provide free flu vaccines for all elderly citizens. She also cited how legislative proposals like House Bill 7487, which aims to increase discounts for seniors on various services such as doctors’ fees and outpatient costs, can alleviate financial burdens and enhance vaccine affordability.

To overcome the country’s logistical challenges when it comes to delivering vaccines, particularly in rural and remote communities, Sanofi is also proudly collaborating with organizations like reach52, a tech social enterprise which supports global partners in delivering health services to areas without essential healthcare access.

Being able to reach less urbanized areas with equitable vaccine access has never been more important. Multi-sectoral partnerships in particular are crucial to combat vaccine hesitancy, misinformation, and a range of logistic challenges. We’re excited to work with the Philippines government, local healthcare systems, and Sanofi to drive vaccine equity and access.

Mr. Edward Booty, Founder of reach52

Sanofi remains steadfast in its commitment to making a positive impact on global health. Through their collaborative efforts, Sanofi aspires to address barriers and ensure that essential vaccines are accessible to everyone, leaving no one behind.

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