Love Boracay with Sun Life

Love Boracay—originally LaBoracay—the annual summer celebration of the famous island, was held labor day weekend from April 28 to May 1 this year.

LaBoracay is the term people coined to denote Labor Day weekend beach parties in the white beaches of the world famous Boracay. But in 2019, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) suggested to change it to Love Boracay to promote and emphasize the environmental conservation thrust on the island.

Sun Life took part in this weekend event with activities from April 27 to 29 with its Sand, Sea and Fun under the Sun.

Love Boracay with Sun Life

In its coastal cleanup last April 28, 93 volunteers joined and were able to gather 1,082 kilos of trash. Sun Life held another coastal cleanup this month with 91 volunteers and collected 432 kilos.

If you’re in the island on June 10, you may want to take part in protecting the environment and join Sun Life’s coastal cleanup and get a chance to have a free paraw ride.

sun life in boracay

Sun Life commissioned a number of paraws in the island. You may find Sunson, Sun Life’s mascot, floating in the sea or Sun Life’s logo and tagline Partner for Life.

There is also an ongoing promo Spot the Sun Life Paraw. To join, you only have to take a photo, reel, or video of Sun Life’s paraw in Boracay, and post it on your Instagram or TikTok account, and tag @SunLifePH. Don’t forget to make your post public. The promo will run until May 31. Winners will be selected via raffle draw and will be announced through Sun Life’s Facebook page.

To help promote recycling, Sun Life stationed a RecyclePH Vending Machine in D’Mall from April 27 to May 2 wherein each plastic bottle you put inside will earn you a rebate amount.

Alongside is a Redesign Display to showcase how we can repurpose or reuse our trash and help take a step in redesigning a brighter and healthier environment.

Tours in the island can be via sea or via land. Should you opt to do a land tour, there are e-trikes available that you can contract or rent the whole day. Look for one of the several Sun Life e-trikes roving the island for a more colorful ride.

sun life in boracay
sun life in boracay

Boracay land tour includes a trip to Boracay Mangroves. Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that live in the coastal intertidal zone. Mangroves provide natural barrier to help protect nearby populated areas from storm surge impacts during extreme weather events such as typhoons and hurricanes.

Included also in the itinerary is a visit to the Ati Village to explore and immerse tourists to the unique culture and traditional way of life of the Ati tribe. Guests will be welcomed with a song number from the children.

sun life in boracay

Donation in kind is preferred like snacks and drinks as treats to these wonderful kids. Their smiles and thank you’s will definitely fill your heart with joy and gladness.

The Ati Village Living Heritage Center inside the compound showcases the tribe’s habitat, heritage, history, arts and crafts.

One for the books, it was a weekend of bright and fun moments under the sun during Love Boracay. It was indeed a well spent vacation, not to mention a purposeful one at that with Sun Life activities on the sand and at sea. You can experience Sun Life Paraws and E-Trikes until June 30.

Indeed, life is brighter under the sun with love.

Love Boracay with Sun Life

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