AIP Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Drives the Future of Specialty Compounding Medicine in PH

The healthcare industry is continually evolving, with new trends and practices emerging every day. Customized medicines, which provide personalized medication for patients, are becoming more popular globally, driven by the rising elderly population and increasing life expectancy. Patent expirations have also contributed to the growing interest in compounding pharmacies.

In addition, rising awareness about self-care is spurring demand for smarter health choices. According to Ken Research, 68 percent of the Filipino population is looking to improve personal self-care and 60 percent sees the value of smarter choices and better planning for their future well-being.

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) have been gaining traction in developing and developed countries in recent years. With the rise in chronic and functional diseases, more people have been turning to alternative medical care in the past decade.

To meet rising demand for personalized healthcare, Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy (AIP) was founded by Richard Lista in 2013 to serve and drive personalized wellness. Now on its 10th year, the pharmacy continues to provide high-quality medication and smart product choices while ensuring optimum service and establishing relationships with medical professionals and patients. With its tailored medication solutions, Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy makes a lasting impact on its clients’ health needs.

In addition to offering Filipinos more tailored healthcare and medication choices, Lista through AIP sustains his deep personal connection to compounding medicine. The pharmacy allowed him to provide better treatment for his parents. His experience with compounded medicines inspired him to bring the first specialty community compounding pharmacy to the Philippines.

AIP Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Drives the Future of Specialty Compounding Medicine in PH
AIP Founder and CEO Richard Lista during the company’s 10th anniversary celebration this April

“In the beginning, I had no choice but to keep sourcing the personal compounded medication from abroad,” Lista shared. “This then led me to my next realization. I saw the need for compounded medication locally and that was the start of my vision for AIP, which is to give and contribute to my fellowmen.” In 2012, Lista recognized the opportunity to start a compounding pharmacy by building relationships with US-based compounding pharmacies and consultants and local and international associations. This led to the incorporation of AIP in 2013.

AIP: A leader in revolutionizing healthcare in PH

Just a year after its establishment, AIP secured its nonsterile compounding license in 2014 and its sterile license in 2016. That same year, it launched its Wholesome Wellness – Local Goodness retail campaign to promote local wellness products. In 2018, the pioneer compounding pharmacy added the Pediatric category to its lineup and then Nutraceuticals in 2020. AIP became the first online compounding pharmacy in 2022, making its products even more accessible to a greater number of Filipinos. 

As it marks its 10th year in the country, AIP also celebrates more than 950 actively compounded formulas, over 2,000 medical doctors, 20,000 patients and 150,000 prescriptions served. Over the years, AIP has worked with — and gained the trust of — hospitals, with more than 100 recommending the company for compounded pediatric formulas. The pharmacy recorded more than 20 percent average year-on-year growth, with 2022 being its strongest year in volume share at 30 percent. 

In the past year, the top three categories that AIP served were weight loss at 38 percent, IV Nutrition at 28 percent and bio-identical hormones at 19 percent. Its top MD specialties were Aesthetics at 43 percent, Internal Medicine at 12 percent and Family Medicine at 9 percent. These categories and areas of specializations have long been part of the pharmacy’s focus even in the webinars and other awareness and knowledge-sharing initiatives that the company sponsors and supports.  

To continue driving the future of specialty compounding medicines in the country, AIP plans to further expand its facilities and reach, enhance its product portfolio and strengthen partnerships while exploring new collaborations. AIP is committed to solidifying its position as a trusted provider of custom medication and empower the specialty compounding medicine market in the country through continued dedication to excellence and regulatory compliance.

Consult with an expert about your personalized medication needs and visit AIP’s website and follow its LinkedIn @ApothecaCorp Instagram @ApothecaPH and Facebook @ApothecaPH to get the latest announcements.

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