Unleashing the Passion Wave and Heartbeat: A Look at Molten’s FIBA 2023 Basketball Design

Unleashing the Passion Wave and Heartbeat: A Look at Molten's FIBA 2023 Basketball Design

Basketball enthusiasts and fans around the world especially in the Philippines rejoiced as Molten, FIBA’s trusted partner for over 40 years, unveiled the official game ball for the highly prestigious FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. The event was successfully held last April 29, graced by the presence of FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Global Ambassador and Argentine legend Luis Scola, as well as FIBA Ball Reveal Ambassador, LA Tenorio.

“Aside from being one of the Philippine Ambassadors for Molten, what’s more exciting is that the Philippines will be one of the hosts in this year’s event,” said Philippines Ambassador and basketball legend LA Tenorio. “And I am proud to be its ambassador because Molten has been the official partner of FIBA ever since I played and they were always there to support FIBA and the players”, he added.

And once again, Molten has raised the bar with its latest innovation in basketball technology by using the brand’s top-of-the-line model, BG5000, which has been the trusted game ballfor FIBA international games since 2019. With an emphasis on enhancing ball control and performance, the new game ball promises to deliver an unparalleled basketball experience with its innovative design, embodying the passion and energy that the game brings.

The exclusive and unique design concept integrated ‘The Passion Wave’ that forms into a heartbeat which represents passion for basketball and how its passion spreads and cascades throughout the world. The meticulously crafted heart and wave elements embody the sport’s dynamic energy and the excitement felt by both players and fans alike. Molten not only created a game ball that is functional but also a work of art.

“The design of the new FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 game ball is based on FIBA’s conviction that everyone’s passion for sports can translate into basketball. It encapsulates the energy and emotion that the sport brings to both players and fans,” said Noa Hasegawa, Head of Brand Marketing. “However, beyond the design, our top priority is to maintain the superior grip and performance quality that has made Molten basketballs so popular worldwide,” he added.

Starting from the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Draw, official game balls and replica models will be available on Molten Philippine website. Basketball enthusiasts can eagerly wait for their chance to get their hands on one because this will be available until the end of the FIBA Basketball World Cup. Stay tuned for updates on how you can secure your own game ball or replica model, and don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!  

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