Turn your vlogging habit into a career with Mapúa’s Digital Journalism program

Turn your vlogging habit into a career with Mapúa'sDigital Journalism program

If you’re a vlogger, blogger, or amateur content creator who’s thinking of leveling up his skills in online journalism, then you might want to consider Mapúa’s Digital Journalism course. This three-year program offered by the School of Media Studies empowers students to become highly competent in delivering truthful and reliable news and information through new media platforms. 

Students of Mapúa’s Digital Journalism program are taught the discipline of print, broadcast, and online news writing but applied using the current digital communication process and technology. It allows budding digital journalists to produce and disseminate credible, in-depth accounts that are highly visual, which is the accepted norm in today’s online space.  

“This journalism program has transformed into a more visual medium. It touches the lives of people at homes and workplaces because of the use of digital means in sending out journalistic content with visual representations or images,” said Dean Benigno Agapito, Jr., of the School of Media Studies. 

To ensure students develop the skills to create relevant journalistic content, they are extensively taught research and data gathering like note-taking, audio and video recording, interviews, documentary study, and observations. This training combines comprehensive lessons on the latest digital production techniques and technology through laboratory or production experience, reporting, and news coverage training.   

“Our program equips learners with journalistic standards and specialized skills in delivering news and information using various formats and platforms, specifically new media and digital technology. It also educates them to practice professional and ethical standards of journalism, which is vital in the democratic delivery of information,” added Dean Agapito. 

This high regard for journalistic standards and ethics allows students to hone the ability to select and report stories about events, incidents, issues, and developments that genuinely concern and affect people. It then enables them to connect these news stories to their community’s socio-cultural and economic contexts using relevant and valid data gathered from reliable sources.

The Digital Journalism program’s rigorous training provides students with valuable knowledge for on-the-job scenarios such as producing digital newspapers; journal and magazine publications; economic, industrial and business online reporting; photojournalism, graphic journalism and graphic journalism publication design; and electronic and web publishing. 

Graduates of the course can establish a career as an online journalist or a newspaper and a magazine journalist, such as a writer, columnist, editor, or publisher. They can also work towards becoming visual journalists, broadcast practitioners, investigative journalists in the government or development sector, a copywriter, corporate communications practitioner, or educator. 

The Digital Journalism program opens numerous doors of opportunity to those who want to excel in the field and make a mark in the community. To learn more information about Mapúa’s Digital Journalism undergraduate degree, visit www.mapua.edu.ph

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