This baby food processor can prepare anything from baby food to healthy, easy full course meals for the whole family 


When it’s a product by Babymoov, you can expect nothing less. The French baby brand is making its way to the local parenting community with its award-winning baby food processor range, the Nutribaby. It promises to simplify food preparations not only for the baby, but also for the whole family. To celebrate, Babymoov is offering 15% OFF on ALL Babymoov products with the code: MOOVUPWITHNUTRIBABY, exclusively at until April 23 only.

So how does Nutribaby make parenting easy? Simply put, it cuts the preparation time in half without compromise. 

1. It’s a space and time-saver. The Nutribaby line comes in three sizes with a capacity of 2,200ml to 2,900ml, making it possible to prepare up to 12 baby meals per cycle

2. It’s easy to use, thanks to the built-in digital panel’s pre-programmed functions. It will do the work with just a press of a button.

3. It’s convenient. It can steam and blend at the same time so preparing baby food, regular meals, and smoothies can be done in one go. 

4. It’s multi-functional. Apart from steaming and blending, it can also defrost, reheat, and sterilizebaby food jars and bottles. 

5. It preserves the food’s vitamins and nutrients. The steaming baskets are designed with juice collectors to ensure healthy meals for the baby and the family. 

The Nutribaby One is priced at P9,500, the Nutribaby+ at P12,500, and the Nutribaby+ XL at P13,600.

A food processor for the soon-to-be mommy, newborn baby, and the whole family 

If there’s one thing new moms and experienced parents have in common, it’s their shared willingness to invest in long-term, quality products they have full confidence in bringing ease and convenience in their daily lives. That’s the exact sentiments Erika Ty Poon, mother and CEO of Nurture House, had when she decided to bring Babymoov to the Philippines. 

Following the brand’s core value to co-develop products with medical experts, specifically nutritionists, pediatricians, and midwives from France, the Nutribaby range was made to address the parents’ concerns in terms of preparing food. The Nutribaby is multi-functional, easy-to-use, a time and space-saver, and most importantly, adaptable. Instead of having multiple kitchen appliances, everything a family needs to prepare healthy full course meals can be done using one machine. 

Its pre-programmed functions can be controlled by a single press of the corresponding button, making it a hassle-free chore to do and learn by parents and the househelp. It also has a built-in timer with an audible and visual alarm with an automatic cut-off, so the whole household can use the time to accomplish other tasks while the food processor does its job on its own.

From pregnancy to parenthood, Nutribaby is the only baby food processor that grows with every single member of the family. It helps ease the baby’s transition from milk to solids, and makes preparing healthy meals for pregnant moms and the whole family as easy and simple as can be. 

“I personally still use it now even if my baby’s already two years old,” shares Poon. “I’m able to cook rice, pasta, oats, and steam vegetables simultaneously with the ulam(other dishes) section. Thanks to the steaming baskets, I’m able to make an entire meal for the whole family using the Nutribaby+. My husband can make his own smoothies at the same time as the food is being steam-cooked! I’m also planning to use it for baking activities with my son soon and bake healthy squash muffins or banana bread!”

Knowing with full confidence that this product was made to bring comfort and convenience for mothers like her, led Poon to get in touch with APAC Area Manager Romain Cuchet – and the rest is history. 

“We had our first batches of products available in the Philippines during the first few months of 2022. Since then, we’ve received concrete, enthusiastic feedback on the convenience, health benefits, multi-functionality our products give to parents in their daily lives, whether on the feeding line or sleeping comfort range,” says Cuchet. 

With over 25 years of experience creating and designing products to simplify parenting, parents can always count on Babymoov to be their reliable partner in their parenting journey. 

The Babymoov Nutribaby line is available and through our partner retail stores:select SM Department Stores, Baby Company, Rustan’s, Urban Essentials, Urban Mom, The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub, and Babymama. We are also available online in LazMallShopeeMall, and Edamama.

Use the code: MOOVUPWITHNUTRIBABY to enjoy a 15% discount on all Babymoov products when you shop via the official BabymoovPH website from March 30 to April 23 only.

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