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As the world adapts to the increasing demand for a less geographically-based workforce and corporations harness the power of ever-increasing connectivity options and digital transformation, there is also an increase of potential security threats. ViewQwest Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based leader in regional telecommunications and Managed Security Services, recently held the Cybersecurity Leaders’ Masterclass Series with key technology leaders and decision-makers  in the Philippines to propose a stronger, more purpose-built approach to security in the face of the challenges posed by the post-pandemic system.  

The event, “It takes only one: Navigating cyberthreats for safer digital transformation”, enabled IT and security leaders to explore next-generation cybersecurity measures that ensure safe and successful digital transformation amidst increasing cyber threats. These threats especially target areas where growth outstrips traditional systems. This is why Asian markets, particularly in the Philippines, can be at risk.  

Known for its ingenuity and adaptability, the Asian economy surprised the world post-pandemic, outstripping its Western counterparts in 2023 and is expected to perform similarly in 2024. The McKinsey Global Institute reports that Asia exhibited an overall exceptional resilience despite repeated setbacks and lockdowns, and as a result, is expected to account for 50% of global GDP and drive 40% of the world’s consumption by the year 2040, all things considered.  

“The key to this drastic growth is corporations going digital”, says Vignesa Moorthy, Founder & CEO of ViewQwest. He warns that this move, crucial as it may be, could leave corporate assets and sensitive information open to threatsand cyber attacks. 

ViewQwest is a regional industry leader servicing over 10,000 branches across North and Southeast Asia with its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions and software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services. 

Tailored solutions to combat unique local and organizational challenges 

ViewQwest prides itself to be an industry innovator who refuses to be a one-size-fits-all service provider, acknowledging that every situation requires a tailor-fit solution if it is meant to be effective in the long run. The Philippines business landscape, in particular, can pose a challenge in many ways, from the quality of connectivity to the availability of service and even to the refusal of some individuals to upgrade to the current versions of software that they had become accustomed to. 

With a deep understanding of the Philippine market and the general Southeast Asian market, built on ViewQwest’s experience from large-scale enterprise projects, the company is cost-effectively delivering a simplified and high-availability network that provides superior network and application performance, as well as best-of-breed secure access to any remote user, branch office or device.  

“We help customers transform their network and security architecture with confidence. Leveraging our telco DNA, we have built the most cost-effective, high-performance and reliable networking solutions integrated with our certified best-of-breed SASE capabilities from leading global cybersecurity leaders such as Palo Alto Networks. This allows us to create differentiated services that address unique security demands across our markets and customers – a distinct advantage that ViewQwest offers to enterprises in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia,” Moorthy concluded. 

ViewQwest Philippines offers a complete range of connectivity options, SASE, SD-WAN and managed services required for enterprise network and security transformation. Since entering the Philippine market in 2019, ViewQwest has grown its clientele and now supports the needs of top Philippine enterprises across various industries. 

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