CineMapúa short film finalists now streaming on Yuchengco Museum’s YFilms

In celebration of CineMapúa’s 20th anniversary, the Yuchengco Museum has made available for streaming thirty of the best student short films from this year’s international competition on the YFilms video platform.

Available for online viewing for a limited time, the top 30 featured shorts were meticulously handpicked by a panel of international judges from an astounding 2,022 entries from 107 countries worldwide. Viewers can watch these world-class featurettes for a minimum fee of Php15 per film or Php50 for a cluster of five films until April 5, 2022.

Viewers have six clusters or movie bundles to choose from. Cluster one includes All Mapúan short films such as “This is not a coming out story,” “Maudi Nga Arapaap (Last Dream),” “Paano Humuli ng Kidlat,” “Cut-off,” and “Parang Bakla, Parang Lang, Hehe.”

While short film cluster two also showcases All Mapúan work, including “Don’t Touch the Bay- ags,” “Mara,” “Kiss Don’t Tell,” “Lace,” and “Any Minute Now.”

Film shorts from talented high school directors complete the line-up of cluster three with “See You Yesterday,” “Farasha,” “Sapantaha sa Dilim,” “A Confession,” and “Sa Pagitan ng Paghihintay.”

Viewers interested in collegiate category shorts can view films under clusters four, five, and six. Movie bundle four consists of “Si Oddie,” “Gehenna,” “赤い糸 (Red Thread),” “Alingasngas ng mga Kuliglig (The Gossips of Cicadidae),” and “Wala pa Matawo.” On the other hand, cluster five films are comprised of “Pempem and the Bomba Magazine,” “Lilip (Hem Stitch),” “Pig’s Game,” “Bulawan (Gold on the Ground),” and “Itom nga Bugas Kanaryu Nga Ugat.” While film short bundle six includes “Saan Aabot ang Dapithapon? (Where do Sunsets go?),” “On the Shepherd’s Warning,” “That Night the Moon Shined,” “Siya na Iba Sainda (She Who Is Different from Them),” and “Makoko sa Baybay (I am Going to the Beach).”

To watch any of the said Top 30 CineMapúa films, viewers must log on to, choose the specific featurette or short film cluster, and pay online via GCash, GrabPay, ShopeePay, BPI Direct Debit, or credit card.

YFilms is a digital platform created by Yuchengco Museum that caters to audiences looking to access quality local and international movies at affordable rates. With its partnership with the 20th CineMapúa International Film Festival via the Mapúa University’s School of Media Studies, YFilms aims to broaden the horizons of young filmmakers from the country to the world.

Its collaboration with the 20th CineMapúa International Film Festival is made possible through Mapúa University’s School of Media Studies.

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