Handy online services to make sure your kitchen is all stocked up and running

Handy online services to make sure your kitchen is all stocked up and running
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If you’re an on-the-go yuppie, a hands-on parent, or someone with too much on their plate, you’ve surely searched far and wide for life hacks that will shorten your to-do list. Lots of busy people hope to avoid not just the physical work of getting things done but also the mental load of having to answer questions as trivial as “What do we eat tonight?”

Thankfully, to help you manage your kitchen needs, there are services you can conveniently book online, giving you one less thing to worry about on top of your daily cooking and cleaningchores. While shopping cute yet functional kitchenware ‘budols’ has been on-trend, you’d be surprised to know that scoring cheap everyday kitchen items are not the only thing you can do online.

Here are handy online services that will make sure your kitchen is in tip-top shape:

• Bread subscription  

Rice may be the most staple food in every Filipino home, butbread makes an ever-reliable snack and meal alternative.Whether you prefer loaf bread, dinner rolls, pan de sal or even artisanal breads, a subscription will make sure you always have your fill of bread. You simply order and pay once, and you’re all set to receive your chosen kind of bread once or twice a weekright to your doorstep.

• Customized meal kits

Foreseeing a particularly busy work week, leaving you with lesstime to cook? If you still want the overall experience of cookingwhile cutting down on prep time, meal kits allow you to cook delicious dishes without having to worry about going on grocery runs. Some meal kit subscriptions can also be customized based on serving size, budget, the number of dishes, and food or diet preferences.

• LPG Refill

Doing groceries can now be done online, but do you know that you can also purchase your essential LPG tank and refillsthrough your phone or laptop? With lots of fake LPG in the market, trusting only authorized LPG distributors is important so you could get quality kitchen fuel that lasts long, while alsoprotecting your household from damaged and dilapidated tanks that are prone to leakage and are at risk for explosion.

Making sure that you get genuine and trusted LPG doesn’t have to be difficult as Solane LPG, one of the leading LPG brands in the country, has many ways of delivering straight to your doorstep so you no longer have to bring your LPG tank to the nearest LPG distributor.

Simply download the Solane LPG app, available on the App Store or Google Play, or visit the Solane Web Ordering platform (order.solane.com.ph) and be connected to the nearest authorized distributor or showroom in your chosen area. The next time you’re almost out of LPG, you can simply order ahead with just a few taps on your phone.

Metro Manila customers may also call the Solane Hatid-Bahay hotline at +632 8887-5555 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm daily or text at 0918-8875555 or 0917-8977555. Customers in select cities outside Metro Manila may also call their nearest authorized distributor or showroom through additional Solane nationwide hotline numbers listed on Solane’s official Facebook page.

For customers who prefer to transact through Facebook Messenger, ordering through chat is also possible from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Visit http://m.me/solane.ph, or visit Solane’sFacebook page and click ‘Message.’ 

Managing a household, whether you’re living alone or with a family, is made easier with lots of products and services you can fulfill online. There’s no shame in seeking convenience, especially if it gives you more time to focus on more important matters – including yourself and your loved ones.

And with so many easy ways of making sure that the LPG tanks you welcome to your kitchen are legitimate and genuine, Solane makes sure you have one less thing to worry about. Wherever you may be in the country, there’s a convenient way for you to purchase genuine Solane LPG, ensuring that you get a safe kitchen fuel that is worth the price down to the last flame, so you can cook confidently and with care. Walang LPG? Add to cart na yan!

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