Get Up to Php 500 off when you buy a Delkor Battery 

Get Up to Php 500 off when you buy a Delkor Battery 

Korea’s number one automotive battery brand, Delkor Batteries, is launching an exciting promotion from February 20 to April 30, 2023. In the given period, motorists can purchase a Delkor Battery with up to Php 500 discount from participating dealers nationwide. With the promo, local consumers can now try the number one, Korean-made automotive battery in the Philippines at a competitive price.

Product reliability

In this time when the economy is on the road to recovery following a pandemic, discovering a reliable product is a gem—enabling one to save on cost, time and energy. Delkor is renowned worldwide, thanks to its key unique features that ensure reliability: PowerFrame Grid Technology, which guarantees a longer-lasting battery as it reduces the battery grid’s risk of premature failure; fast-charging capability; and start-stop technology, the ability to support multiple engine starts in a single journey.

Corrosion and gassing are common to conventional batteries but not for Delkor, since the premium brand does not use lead alone but a combination of calcium, tin, silver and lead in its product ranges. What’s more, Delkor batteries are manufactured so well. It adheres to top quality manufacturing standards and strict quality control requiring zero maintenance. Delkor also provides up to 21 months of battery warranty for personal usage, while  commercially-used batteries are given a warranty period of six months. 

Delkor batteries in the Philippines

A good number of Delkor Battery choices of maintenance-free automotive batteries is available for Philippine consumers. On a similar note, commercial batteries are available in the market to cater to a wide range of trucks and buses. 

Brands you can trust

Delkor Batteries is manufactured by Clarios, a globally-established brand known to create smart solutions in terms of batteries and advanced energy storage solutions for the automotive industry. Clarios has over-a-hundred years of experience in automotive battery manufacturing. 

Developed in partnership with one of the largest automotive companies in the US, Korean-manufactured Delkor productshave been awarded the Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI) from 2006-2022.

AP Blue Whale Corporation officially distributes Delkor Batteries in the Philippines.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB – 160646 Series of 2023. For full promo details, check out

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