#FightMouthAging with Listerine’s newest ambassadors, Macoy Averilla, Sassa Gurl, and Justine Luzares!

#FightMouthAging with Listerine’s newest ambassadors, Macoy Averilla, Sassa Gurl, and Justine Luzares!

Have you ever felt like your mouth has changed over time? Did you notice that you’ve gone on more trips to the dentist lately? Can’t indulge in your favorite chicharrón or crispy patà as you did before without experiencing tooth pain, bleeding gums, or weak teeth? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing signs of Mouth Aging and is a signal that you need to start taking control of your oral health. According to the World Health Organization, 1 billion people worldwide above the age of 15 have severe gum disease and nearly half of adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease.

This National Oral Health Month, Listerine aims to raise awareness on mouth aging with the help of social media personalities, such as MacoyDubs, Sassa Gurl, and Justine Luzares. Through their witty and engaging Tiktok content, our latest Listerine ambassadors were able to illustrate some of the common experiences that may be associated with signs of mouth aging.

MacoyDubs through his CEO persona, Lisa B., showed how one can begin to have difficulty in biting and chewing into hard, crunchy foods as they age.


Happy naman si Boss na may officemates na ililibre siya ng lunch pero mouth check muna tayo. Now that i’m 30, parang di tulad ng dati ang bibig ko. Totoo bang may Mouth Aging? Na-experience niyo na ba? If yes, how did you address it? Happy to know your thoughts on how you FightMouthAging!

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Meanwhile, Justine’s well-loved chikadora characters Marites, Yoli, and Aling Lerma went on and shared how they noticed the weakening and increased sensitivity of their teeth over time.

#FightMouthAging with Listerine’s newest ambassadors, Macoy Averilla, Sassa Gurl, and Justine Luzares!


On the other hand, Sassa Gurl with her ingenious wit and humor showed her teeth’s point of view, depicting experiences with plaque, cavities, and tough teeth stains.

#FightMouthAging with Listerine’s newest ambassadors, Macoy Averilla, Sassa Gurl, and Justine Luzares!


So, what exactly happens to our mouths as we age? We asked Dr. Ashita Bhatia, oral care scientist at Johnson & Johnson, to share her point of view. “As we grow older, we are more prone to oral health problems because it becomes harder for your body to naturally fight off germs1. Research also shows that as we age, our mouths harbor more disease-causing bacteria like P. Gingivalis2, the main bacteria responsible for gum disease. We also produce less saliva3 leading to more germ build-up. 

Interestingly, if you are only brushing your teeth, you are only reaching 25% of the mouth, leaving behind germs that cause oral problems. Over time, these germs build up and can cause oral issues like plaque, cavities and gingivitis. So, if you notice a constant sticky feeling on your teeth, bleeding gums, or cavities, it means you need added protection as you age. A mouthwash can help as it virtually reaches almost 100% of the mouth and kills the root cause of most oral problems– germs!” 

With all these signs to watch out for when it comes to mouth aging, Listerine Total Care is your best solution. Rinsing twice a day [with regular brushing] helps in preventing plaque buildup, cavities, and gum disease, killing up to 99.9% of germs for up to 24-hour germ defense.

“Aging already brings about a lot of struggles, and we don’t want to add oral health to that list. We want to protect Filipinos from living with restraint brought about by oral problems– avoiding food they love or even restraining their smile. Not everyone is aware of mouth aging and Listerine is here to educate. This Oral Health Month, with the help of our newest ambassadors, we want to educate Filipinos that having a healthy mouth is possible even as you age. Listerine’s #FightMouthAging campaign’s goal is to show the transformative impact of good oral health, and showcasing what healthy mouths can do even at an older age”, says senior brand manager for Listerine Philippines, Miguel Gamboa.

Watch out for what else Listerine ambassadors, Justine, Macoy, and Sassa Gurl, have in store this National Oral Health Month. To learn more details about Listerine’s #FightMouthAging campaign, visit Listerine’s website at www.Listerine.com.ph and follow Listerine on Facebook @ListerinePhilippines 


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