What’s Next: Tech Predictions for 2023 and beyond 

What’s Next: Tech Predictions for 2023 and beyond

Smarter, more integrated technology has transformed our daily lives, and we are seeing tremendous change as the use of artificial intelligence and edge computing expands rapidly, bringing power and efficiency to countless industries and activities. While there are many more innovations that have emerged, we foresee that these are what will take focus and stand out this 2023:

1. ‘Holographic’ technology will deliver to remote workers the best of two worlds.

In our new hybrid workplace, technology will step up to create meetings where ‘holographic’ attendees feel almost as real as those present in person. Technologies that can bring teams together, even if they are working across multiple continents, will become increasingly important in the future’s hybrid, remote, and increasingly global workplaces.

Augmented and mixed reality will provide a new way for organizations to make an impact during presentations, with life-size ‘holograms’ who can interact with virtual objects. Lenovo’s concept Cyber Space technology demonstrates how this ‘phygital’ (physical and digital) approach might work, with a special coated glass that is semi-transparent and semi-reflective, allowing people behind it to physically interact with life-sized objects.

2. Shops will get smarter.

In the near future, AI servers may analyze multiple video feeds from cameras in store aisles to detect large quantities of items being removed at the same time, as well as monitor deliveries to the store to ensure that inventory remains high. This will allow stores to keep track of goods more efficiently, adjust to supply and demand more quickly, improve profit margins, and ensure customers get what they paid for. 

3. Hybrid work will enable new technologies

This shift is already underway, according to a Lenovo surveyof 500 CTOs, with 43% saying their company’s technology architecture has been improved. Businesses will shift to a more fluid model in which a third party will provide the entire office experience as well as related solutions and services. Lenovo now provides a managed employee experience in which businesses can rent a workplace solution rather than just hardware or software, such as IT infrastructure and support, performance analytics, and cloud and data infrastructure services.

These technologies are set to change the way we live, work, play and learn however, at the center of progress is still human connection and collaboration. At Lenovo, we are committed to enabling this transformation through our solutions that empower smarter work and better results.

Learn more information about Lenovo’s view of how smarter technology is powering a changing world here.

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