Time for a bathroom upgrade with  American Standard Bathroom Madness Promo

Upgrading our homes is always inspired by a greater purpose – be it to welcome a new family member, adjust to the current needs of the times, or simply because you urgently feel the family abode needs a fresher look and feel. 

If you’re in any of these situations, chances are, you also need to look into renovating your bathroom, not only to give everyone a more comfortable bathing experience, but also to provide maximum hygiene and safety for the whole family, since most modern bathroom installations now eliminate the need to touch any part of the toilet. Moreover, modern bathroom fixtures are also equipped with sustainable features to help you save precious water and energy.  

Time for a bathroom upgrade with American Standard Bathroom Madness Promo

Supporting you and your family as you upgrade your home is American Standard with its annual Bathroom Madness Promo 2022 that’s ongoing until February 28, 2023 in all American Standard branches nationwide.

Save up on costs and get up to 50% discounts on American Standard products, from basins, faucets and hand showers to shower systems, mixers, and so many more! Discounted prices will automatically reflect upon the transaction within the promo duration. However, the promotion should not be in conjunction with any other promotions instantiated in the store. 

With such huge discounts, you can easily get started on upgrading your home, starting with the bathroom. So hurry and visit major home depot retailers and avail of the American Standard Bathroom Madness Promo until February 28, 2023 only!

For a list of participating stores or for more updates, follow American Standard on Facebook (@AmericanStandardPH) and Instagram (@americanstandard_ph).

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