Choosing the right aircon for your room 

Choosing the right aircon for your room midea
Midea U has a Quick Cooling function that delivers a long airflow distance of up to 20ft and Ultra-Quiet Operation mode for as low as 42dB

When buying an air conditioner, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Foremost of this is knowing the right aircon capacity that suits your and your family’s needs. Putting this step first in your process can save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run. 

Helping families navigate through this process, Midea (pronounced mai-dia), the leader in intelligent home solutions, introduces Midea U, the world’s first U-Shaped Inverter Window Air Conditioner with design-driven features, shares important pointers to keep in mind when buying a new aircon for your home.  

First off, the size of the room is an important consideration when selecting the right AC model and capacity. Take some time to assess your room size by measuring the area in square meters. For square and rectangular types of rooms, multiply the length of the area by its width or (L x W). For a triangular type of area, multiply its length by the width and divide it by 2. Based on the sheet guide by the Department of Energy, a 20 – 30 sq.m room needs at least an aircon with 9,496 kilojoules per hour to 14,771 kilojoules per hour or an estimated 1.0 hp – 1.5 hp rating. 

Keep in mind that your room will never reach the cool temperatures you are looking for if you install a small-capacity AC unit in a big room. Likewise, installing an aircon with high horsepower in a small room will leave more humidity in the air and can make your room feel sticky or damp. It will also cost you more money due to its inefficient cycle.

Luckily, the Midea U 1.0hp and 1.5hp Window Type Inverters fit most standard rooms with many features not found in ordinary aircons. Midea U has a Quick Cooling function that delivers a long airflow distance of up to 20ft so you can feel cool and refreshed in a smart and efficient way. 

Not only does this U-shaped window-type inverter provide a cooling breeze, but it also has Ultra-Quiet Operation mode that efficiently let the AC operate in silence for as low as 42dB which is 9 times quieter than conventional air condition units so you can have a perfect slumber at all times.

This easy-to-install aircon unit is also built with a full DC inverter and uses only an hourly consumption of 0.36 kWh or an estimated monthly bill of up to PHP588 for 8 hours of consumption per day. What’s more, it is also intelligently installed with R32 Refrigerant which is used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems that cause no harmful effect on the environment, especially the ozone layer. This type of refrigerant also efficiently absorbs heat to provide better air-cooling solutions.

It’s a smart-enabled aircon unit too – using Midea Air or SmartHome apps which are available for iOS and Android devices, you can easily remotely check and change the temperature, select modes, and fan speeds, and even program a cooling schedule. Midea U will also respond to voice commands through Google Assistant and Alexa- enabled devices so you can have comfortable and pleasant moments at home with your family in every corner, anytime.

By knowing first your aircon’s cooling capacity, as well as the features that are available, will definitely make the process of choosing the right aircon for your home a breeze so you can enjoy precious moments of happiness with your family.

Midea U Window Type Inverter is now available at Midea Philippines’ official website at and available at the following Midea Philippines flagship stores: Midea Lazmall:, Midea ShopeeMall:, and Midea Official Online Store: You can also check out more Midea intelligent home solutions at leading appliance stores nationwide.

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