Assure ® Diapers for adults and babies now available nationwide

H.E.G. Corporation, the company behind Assure ® Diapers, completed the roll out of its line-up of adults and baby diapers nationwide which are now available in the country’s top supermarkets. This follows the success of their year long online soft launch.

Assure ® Diapers takes pride in its commitment to provide priceless comfort through their products. Their premium diapers are hygienically manufactured using soft, safe and breathable materials in a waist hugging design fit that ensure superior absorption, comfort, convenience, odour-free and skin protection. Assure ® is the only diapers brand in the market that offers all around protection and comfort for everybody’s lifetime. Aside from its functional benefit, buying Assure ® Diapers can convey your love, care and respect for the person wearing it. 

Assure ® Diapers for adults and babies now available nationwide

The diapers market is projected to continue growing owing to the rising awareness and concern regarding health care. As such, H.E.G. Corporation pledged to continuously focus on its quality commitment for the customers. In fact, they know by heart the concerns of every mother for their babies, that is, absorption, comfort and protection for delicate skin; while for adults on the move or on retirement, attention must be on convenient, absorption, discreetness, comfort and odour free. Indeed, Assure® Diapers is the best brand available for your loved ones.

Assure ® Diapers for adults and babies now available nationwide

H.E.G. Corporation will always position Assure ® Diapers as the choice brand of the buying public. They are guided by resourcefulness, responsiveness and an understanding to the requirements of the market. At all times, they are dedicated to provide the market with products that bring forth assurance of priceless comfort which should be the essence of wearing diapers.

Assure ® Diapers can be viewed and contacted through their FB Page: Assure Diapers and is available exclusively at the Royal Duty-free Shops in Subic Freeport and at all Robinsons and Shopwise Supermarkets nationwide. It is likewise available through reputable on-line shops, such as Shopee, Lazada, Edamama, Grab,….

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