Globe Business champions ecosystem mindset to achieve business goals

Globe Business champions ecosystem mindset to achieve business goals
On its return to a face-to-face leadership event after two years, Lead-In 2022 emphasizes the value of internal ecosystems, featuring Dr. Christian Busch as a keynote speaker discussing the importance of collaboration for businesses.

The Globe Business Leadership Innovation Forum 2022 gathered various enterprise leaders at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Manila on December 5, 2022, for an award-winning thought leadership event that aims to positively impact businesses, society, and the nation by highlighting the importance of synergy and collaboration.  

With this year’s theme, “Synergy: Building Ecosystems for Greatness,” Lead-In 2022 empowered industry leaders to help them adopt the ecosystems approach to thrive and grow in today’s landscape.   

Through a day filled with enlightening talks and discussions, Globe Business reminded us that in an organization, as with other things, none of us exist in a vacuum. Each person depends on others to fulfill different roles in an organization for it to be successful. By promoting a culture of symbiosis and synergy among stakeholders, harmony is achieved. The result is a thriving ecosystem that propels businesses to attain their goals and, ultimately, towards national progress.

The forum started with a CEO Brunch attended by the country’s top executives, which served as a venue for them to share experiences and insights about collaborative leadership. They shared a hearty meal as they tackled the core ingredients of having a culture of symbiosis and synergy that allows all stakeholders to prosper.

Serendipity Intertwines with Synergy 

Lead-In 2022’s keynote speaker is an internationally-known expert in the areas of innovation, purpose-driven leadership, and serendipity. Dr. Christian Busch, author of the bestseller “The Serendipity Mindset” and a New York University professor, imparts knowledge on his topic, Why a culture of symbiosis and synergy allows everyone to prosper.

Busch highlighted the value of serendipity–the central premise of his best-selling book– and how to make conditions favorable to what he called “smart luck” as opposed to “blind luck.” This tied in with how promoting a culture of ecosystems can bring forth success, not just for the individual but for our collective benefit. 

Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration 

Globe Business also invited Aileen Jiao, President and Country General Manager of IBM PH, as a featured speaker, who discussed her thoughts on Empowering teams by cultivating and nurturing a culture of ecosystem thinking and collaboration.

Being a digital transformation champion and an advocate of diversity, she is committed to moving Filipino talent, especially women, into key leadership positions and getting the underserved, under-motivated external young breed into the STEM track. She gave inspiration that a shared goal and spirit of collaboration can stir hearts and minds to action. This all leads to exponential growth and development collectively.

Creating Shared Value

Don Rae, Senior Advisor for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, during his talk, Sharing the idea of Shared Value to stakeholders and partners, expounded on the greater good that can be achieved by contributing more as companies partake in greater responsibility to society. 

This seemingly benevolent motivation is also a strategic one, as it is at the very core of a company’s sustainability and growth. By creating shared value, companies nurture their proclivity and proficiency in forming unique, advantageous partnerships outside of it. 

Forging Stronger Partnerships

Lead-In 2022 culminated in Networking Night, a conducive atmosphere for learning and forging stronger partnerships among enterprise leaders who participated in the event. 

Globe Business continues to advocate for and support businesses as they tackle many challenges with innovation and collaboration. By harnessing symbiosis and synergy, we can all achieve greatness.

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