New Kabigting paintings go on show

New Kabigting paintings go on show
The opening of Fernando Kabigting’s new show in Bacolod City. (l-r) John Ng, Governor, Rotary District 3850, Lani Ferrer, President of The Rotary Club of Bacolod-Marapara, Menchu and Fernando Kabigting.

After an absence of nearly three years due to the pandemic, renowned Filipino artist Fernando Kabigting came roaring back this week with a major exhibition of 29 of his latest paintings.

The show – dubbed “Kabigting at Prime” – is being staged by The Rotary Club of Bacolod-Marapara at the Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club in Bacolod City. It’s open to the public until October 16 when the show will move to the Acacia Hotel until October 22.

All 29 paintings are for sale. Several paintings have already been snapped up by local art lovers. Part of the proceeds from sales will help fund Marapara Rotary’s community outreach projects.

Kabigting said he was thrilled to be back showing his work and was pleased to be supporting vital Rotary projects, which help so many of the less fortunate in our society.

Kabigting is a self-taught artist and famous for his paintings on reclaimed and antique wood. His paintings feature daily life and scenery from the Philippines. He has held countless one-man shows, especially in the US including major sell-out exhibitions at the New York Philippine Center and the United Nations.

Now 83 years old, he paints every day in his home-studio Iloilo City despite suffering a severe stroke in 1999 which forced him to begin painting with his left hand. In 2015 he was presented with Iloilo City’s Achievement Award. 

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