The brand that refreshes: An invitation to a post-pandemic SM

The brand that refreshes: An invitation to a post-pandemic SM

Throughout the pandemic, and as we traverse this post-pandemic world, paramount in our lives has been the need to reboot, to press that Refresh button, and make the little, but important, adjustments that spell the difference in how successfully we navigate our constantly evolving scenario. In fact, some of these adjustments may not have been so little – but the common thread running through them is how these decisions are meant to improve our lives; our positive response to the crisis we were engulfed in.

Just like people, corporations also had to exhibit this talent for ‘refreshing’ – a chance to exhibit  both a stronger, more urgent capacity to evolve, and the leadership qualities to be a beacon for the community, and help shine a light to recovery. In this regard, SM and their recent #SMGreenMovement and #SMGreenFinds were examples of initiatives that took the new consumers on a journey of sustainability awareness and education.

Coming on the heels of the green initiatives, SM felt it was time to do a brand refresh at a time when we see ourselves emerging from the COVID tunnel we’ve been immersed in for the last two and a half years.

A brand refresh is defined as a reimagining of a brand’s look and feel. While fundamentally strong, a brand may undergo a refresh to create a new face, or to subtly signal a new era. While it traditionally centers on a redesign of its visual identity, a brand refresh can also affect company culture, systems, products and/or services. 

What a brand refresh often does not touch is the brand’s essential DNA or its fundamental market position. While seen as ‘cosmetic’ in nature, its effects should never be downplayed; as it is a signal that a new strategy is in effect, that the company is not tied down to what got them there but is charting a bold new course for the future. 

Known globally for its work in graphic design and corporate identity, Pentagram, founded in London, was tasked to come up with the SM brand refresh campaign. There’s a video that’s been shared on the SM social media assets that celebrates this brand refresh, and showcases what the refresh signifies – a broadening of who SM is there for, and the ‘you’ that it’s ready to cater to. 

While the #SMGreenMovement and #SMGreenFinds could be described as highlighting the SM Group’s response to the E (Environment) of any sound Sustainable ESG agenda; the new video touches on the S (Social) agenda of the Group. No matter what color, hue, persuasion, denomination, age, gender, or inclination, SM sees you as part of their community. 

The traditional demographics of the SM mall goer has expanded; and along with the brand refresh, it’s an exciting heralding of the days and years to come. SM has been an integral part of our lives for over six decades now; but rather than just being considered as some old friend, it’s also starting fresh, adding vitality, and new excitement and dimensions, to its ‘friendship formula’. 

A refresh can be an embracing gust of air; and with the SM brand refresh, that truly encompasses all. It’s the embrace we have nestled in, and for most of our lives found comfort in, and yet there is a new delight in the discovery that there is always something new to discover in the SM we know as “home”.

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