Beyond just beauty and aspiration: How Air Residences gives new meaning to luxury

Define your Success at SMDC’s Air Residences

Since the beginning of time, luxury has always been about attaching symbolic significance to certain objects. By owning luxury residential real estate, for instance, people acquire a sense of distinction — improving their self-worth, creating elusive exclusivity, and making them feel more accomplished.

The biggest catalyst in these outward displays of spectacle and affluence is the fact that humans are, by nature, aspirational creatures. However, a recent Forbes article said that the pandemic has introduced a new force to reckon with in luxury marketing: personal meaning. Rather than social status, people now aspire for purpose and look at what is truly important; at things that make their lives rich and fulfilling.

A known trailblazer in Philippine real estate, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) remains at the forefront of the industry with master-planned, residential developments that bring together the perfect blend of artistry, comfort, and functionality. A fine example is Air Residences along Ayala Avenue Extension, Makati City.

Luxury made meaningful

What makes a luxury home is its ability to offer more than just a place to live. It’s a place to create meaningful relationships, to pursue career opportunities, to bask in idyllic spaces that make you feel alive and luxurious, and all in all, to cultivate a holistic well-being.

To make this possible, strategic location is key. PropertyGuruPhilippines’ “Best Lifestyle Developer,” SMDC, took this into account upon designing Air Residences. The 59-floor, high-rise development sits in the country’s prized business and financial district amongst many renowned multinational and local corporations. This proximity not only grants residents superb convenience in swiftly getting to their workplaces, but also gives them more time and energy for the things that make them happy.

While professional growth is the city’s appeal to many, Makati City is no stranger to prime lifestyle establishments. From upscale shopping malls, to quaint parks, to world-class hotels and entertainment venues, to contemporary museums and cultural attractions, to the best flavors and culinary indulgences, down to iconic skyscrapers, captivating streetscapes, and eccentric art festivals that define the city’s unique character — Makati is undoubtedly home to the epicurean adventures that feed your soul.

Sustainable is the new luxurious

In a post-pandemic world that puts a premium on health and wellness, sustainability is made more of a core consideration than an afterthought. A luxury home, therefore, is now synonymous to greenery, open spaces, and an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor activities.

Air Residences embodies this new narrative exceptionally. The two-level amenity deck at Air Residences holds a plethora of active and passive rest opportunities for residents to enjoy, thanks to the expertise of Adrian L. Norman Limited, a Hong Kong-based firm esteemed in the fields of landscape architecture, urban design, and master-planning.

Take a dip, do a lap, or swim languorously in the cool, blue waters that await at the vast range of pools available. There’s a pool pavilion with a sun deck too, if catching some rays is what you’re up for. For a rejuvenating mental and physical experience, there’s the sports and yoga lawn where you could break a sweat and find your balance, and a jogging trail where you could go for runs amidst the lushest of landscapes. Unlock core memories with your loved ones at the gaming alley where you could bond over billiards and table tennis. Host your next house party at the barbeque terrace and pavilions, and nourish your young ones’ minds in the kids’ playground.

True luxury transcends mere aesthetic and extravagance alone. It’s future-proofing; consciousness in leading a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle — and it all begins at Air Residences.

No less exquisite

While Air Residences excels in functionality, its architectural details are no less exquisite. In the same way that a luxury property is often built to possess the same aesthetic value as a work of art, Air Residences takes its inspiration from high fashion and the world-class Armani Hotel.

Dark yet airy interiors encapsulate timeless sophistication. Brass abstract fixtures on the walls punctuate a streamlined design. Taupe lounge seats, bright throw pillows, and sleek box lamps with hints of gold reiterate its contemporary look and feel. Tiered drum chandeliers fall in line above you and accentuate the grandness of the space. Meanwhile, the doorman and concierge staff, along with big, white orchids and the jazz music constantly playing in the background, ensure you come home to a five-star ambiance every single day.

Auspicious resilience

With drastic changes in the way people live came the record-breaking resilience of the residential property market. Well-designed, strategically located homes will continue to be a precious commodity and thus, a promising investment opportunity.

Financial experts noted that property investments do not carry as much risk in comparison to stocks and bonds where volatility is inevitable. If capitalizing on the inevitable threats posed by the inflation is what you’re after, property is still, without a doubt, your best bet.

With high-value features such as excellent location, refined interiors, and sustainability-focused features, and proximity to key infrastructure developments such as the Makati Intra-city Subway and the PNR Commuter Railway System, end-users and investors alike are assured of an auspicious experience at Air Residences.

SMDC invites more Filipinos to look at premium vertical living from a new perspective — a home that is no longer just yours to enjoy, but an asset increasingly sought-after that you could secure your future with.

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