Touch this: Issy & Co. releases the Crème Cheek Bronzer – your new go-to dimension product

Touch this: Issy & Co. releases the Crème Cheek Bronzer - your new go-to dimension product

Issy &Co. is going back to its core for their third and final act this summer. The Crème Cheek Bronzer is a lightweight face bronzer that gives a natural-looking sun-kissed glow. It features a creamy formula that is easy to blend and build to one’s desired intensity.

“We already have a lot of colors – from lip colors to blushes. So, we thought of creating a dimension product that would complement our existing colors. As a matter of fact, the Crème Cheek Bronzer is our first foray into dimension products,” begins Joel Andrade.

Releasing a bronzer is Issy & Co.’s response to the needs of the beauty market and consumers. “People don’t usually associate bronzers with any Filipino beauty brand. Bronzers available locally are just in one or two shades. We wanted to address that. Also, a lot of people requested it. At Issy & Co., when people ask, we give,” shares Andrade.

Staying true to the brand’s ethos, Issy & Co. opted for a cream formula instead of a powder. “Cream products are easier to work with and are more forgiving than powders. We wanted a bronzer that’s extremely effortless, which is why we call it a soft-touch and buildable bronzer,” adds Andrade.

Silky-smooth and with a fine pearlescent luster, the Crème Cheek Bronzer defines areas by adding warmth where wanted. Whether applied with a buffing brush or fingertips, the bronzer blends and builds easily since it contains both jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils.

The Crème Cheek Bronzer comes in four different shades – Toast (soft clay bronze), Molten (medium umber bronze), Torrid (medium golden bronze) and Blaze (deep sienna bronze). The four shades provide Issy Girls with options to explore and experiment with warmth and dimensions.

“Since it’s four shades, you can play with the warmth all over your face and have dimensions of tan on your face. Actually, the some shades can even work as a blush on deeper-skintoned girls. Also, ever since, the approach of Issy & Co. has always been modular. We always want to build what’s already there. We want to help our Issy Girls build their makeup wardrobe by reinventing the classic makeup products,” says Andrade.

Concluding the ode to summer with the Crème Cheek Bronzer, Issy & Co. reminds everyone that the three different acts – sea, sun, and sand – represent products that work with what people already have.

“Ending with the ode to the sand grounds everything and allows us to go back home to who we are as a makeup brand – creating products that deliver. We’re happy to have told our story through the three acts and look forward to what’s next!” Andrade concludes.

Issy & Co.’s Crème Cheek Bronzer is now available for only ₱349.00 each available on Tiktok Shop, Shopee and Lazada.

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