Summer Never Ends

Summer never ends in the Philippines, that’s why it will always be fun to lounge by a resort pool or frolic on the beach, or travel to cooler places such as Tagaytay, Baguio, or abroad. But if for some reason you are stuck at home, there are still fun ways to cool off in the comforts of your home.

To make summer more enjoyable, Robinsons Appliances bring you a wide range of appliances that will not only make you cool and comfortable; they will also help get things done. 

What’s more, Robinsons Appliances is having a Chillin’ Summer Deals promo where you can snap up these cool appliances at a discounted price for as much as 40% off! Some of the appliances included in the promo are Samsung inverter front load washer and dryer, Hanabishi inverter showcase chiller and Sharp inverter side by side door refrigerator.  The promo runs until May 31, 2022. 

Robinsons Appliances is having a Chillin’ Summer Deals promo

To help you keep refreshed, read some of the practical tips below. 

  • Wear organic cotton clothes.

Natural cotton traps air between its fibers to keep you cool and protected from the heat. It also absorbs sweat which prevents clothes from getting smelly, resulting in body odor. 

It helps to frequently change into freshly-laundered clothes. You will not only smell good but feel comfortable as well. And don’t worry if you have to change clothes often! With Samsung’s combo washer dryers’ AI Control & AI Wash (Model: SAMSUNG WD19T6500GV/TC WM FLC), you can personalise every washing cycle, making laundry a very convenient affair. The machine analyses the laundry habits based on actual usage so that it can recommend the best washing cycles. The AI Control familiarizes itself with user preferences and uses that knowledge to suggest wash cycles thereby eliminating the need to locate the right wash settings. The AI Wash feature uses sensors to detect the laundry load’s weight and soilage, to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent to dispense. 

Now, you have more time to do more enjoyable summer activities such as baking, painting, exercising or simply lounging in an inflatable pool. 

Robinsons Appliances is having a Chillin’ Summer Deals promo
An intuitive washer and dryer that lets you customise and analyse your preferred wash cycle? Yes please. And you can get this at an amazingly discounted price of ₱66,535 until May 31.
  • Stock on fruit juices, sodas and other cooling drinks. 

During the previous summer, temperatures reached a whopping 51 degrees heat index and this hot season may be no different. Extremely high temperatures may cause dehydration due to excessive sweating. Replace lost fluids with cool summer drinks, which you can easily view via the see-through door of the HANABISHI Eco-Inverter Beverage Showcase Chiller (HINVCHILL-130). 

This product can not only chill drinks but could also help you save electricity. A chiller that utilizes compressor inverter technology that can reduce power consumption of up to 60% and lower the operating costs. If you purchase your chiller during the Chillin’ Summer promo period, you will get a free Hanabishi blender. Now you can create all your favorite flavours of margarita or daiquiri, which are perfect for those blistering summer nights. 

Trying to stay healthy but want to enjoy fun drinks at the same time? Pile up on refreshments that contain less sugar such as fruit infused water (cucumber or lemon water), coconut water, aloe vera juice, and milk, which contains a natural blend of good quality carbs, proteins and sodium that helps your body retain fluids.

Robinsons Appliances is having a Chillin’ Summer Deals promo
Get free Hanabishi blender for every purchase of HANABISHI Eco-Inverter Beverage Showcase Chiller (HINVCHILL-130) until May 31.
  • Consume cold food.

Hot soups, congee and ramen are ideal for rainy days. But during summer, it is advisable to eat cold food like salad, sandwiches, ice cream and gazpacho. It might help lower the body temperature plus trick your body into thinking that its environment is getting cool by eating something cold. Some recipes to try include fruit-based salad, crab salad, sushi, mango bruschetta, cucumber sandwiches and homemade frozen yogurt. 

To keep your food cold and to prevent easy spoilage due to warm room temperature, store them in your new Sharp two door No Frost Inverter refrigerator (Model: SHARP SJ-BLS20AVP-SL REF). It has a two way fresh room that provides a huge space for convenient food storage. It also has a high rotation speed compressor for fast cooling and superior energy performance so your stock of food is kept fresh and cold while saving on energy by up to 52 percent. 

Don’t worry about the dishes you have to clean after preparing all that food. If you avail of the Chillin’ Summer promo, you can get the Sharp 19.8 cu.ft side by side door refrigerator with a new Toshiba 5 liter countertop dishwasher at an amazing bundle price of ₱54,693.00.

Robinsons Appliances is having a Chillin’ Summer Deals promo
You can get both SHARP SJ-BLS20AVP-SL side by side refrigerator and Toshiba 5 liter countertop dishwasher for only ₱54,693 and save ₱22,800. Only until May 31.

Ready to have an exciting summer? Run to the nearest #RobinsonsAppliances store near you or stay connected with Robinsons Appliances official website –, Facebook –, Instagram – @robappliances and Viber Community – Robinsons Appliances. 

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