The Modern and Smart Choice: Upgrade Urban Living with Smart Home Decisions

Owning a home or upgrading one’s home and lifestyle has risen to the top many Filipinos’ priorities list these recent years. Staying indoors for a longer period contributed to this but so has the importance of living close to school or work as in the case of condo living or finding a place in the city for easier access to almost anything. 

Although urban living in the Philippines can be challenging, what with the overcrowding, congestion and traffic problems, many find city life rewarding. This is why many continue to flock to the city or condos or upgrade their city life little by little. Being cooped up at home for two years has inspired more Filipinos to take a closer look into what lacks and what needs to be improved in their homes with regards to health, comfort and convenience. Making upgrades at home is no longer just a privilege but also a responsibility, and thanks to new technologies and smart and modern tools, homeowners can make life and health at home easier. 

The Modern and Smart Choice: Upgrade Urban Living with Smart Home Decisions

Energy-saving home equipment
Have you been monitoring your electricity bills at home? Home appliances consume a lot of energy. Having more appliances, better yet, unwise choice and use of appliances can cause one’s electric consumption – and bill – to surge. Furthermore, home appliances can be a major contributor of harmful greenhouse gases.

Modern technologies have given rise to energy-efficient options such as inverter appliances. Solar-based equipment are now also increasingly available, with many installing solar roof panels as energy source. 

These alternatives do not only help save energy and electric consumption but enhance home life for everyone in the family because they are easy to use and maintain. This means saving money from lower energy consumption and easier maintenance and repair. Moreover, these environment-friendly home appliances and equipment reduce the family’s carbon footprint for a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Modern and Smart Choice: Upgrade Urban Living with Smart Home Decisions

Smart home devices
Smart home devices continue to rise in popularity for a reason.Besides giving the home that modern vibe, smart devices allowhomeowners to control appliances and parts of the home such as lighting from anywhere around the house – and even from outside — through digital assistants and voice commands. 

Additionally, some smart devices send the user alerts and notifications to warn of any potential issue or remind them if they have left anything behind like an opened refrigerator door or a meal that has finished cooking in the oven.

When it comes to safety, CCTVs, doorbell security cameras and AI technology help homeowners monitor the house even remotely through the mobile phone. This means, homeowners can keep an eye on their home even when they are miles away on vacation or business trip. 

Organization tools and hacks
With most everyone staying indoors much longer, keeping the home tidy and organized has become a priority. The growing range of storage solutions, from stylish baskets, plasticcontainers to wooden crates and metal racks, can fit any home aesthetic and needs. 

Many Filipinos nowadays, especially young adults, seeorganizing things at home as therapeutic besides creating as aesthetic worthy of a post on social media. Organizing also helps homeowners focus better, reduce stress and overwhelming emotions, and create a lighter feeling overall. 

Various organization tools are conveniently available even ononline shopping sites, and homeowners can choose from a wide selection of designs, types, shapes and sizes. 

Virus-eliminating appliances and tools
Plenty of virus-eliminating equipment and devices have surfacedamid the pandemic to help combat the COVID-19 virus.  

Waterlogic, the leading global provider of home and workplace hydration solutions, takes this step with its COVID-19 safe water units, the Aqua SmartGuard. 

Drinking the right amount of water is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the body against viruses and other threats to the health. But hydrating is just part of the solution. It is equally important to make sure the water the family consumes is clean, safe and healthy. 

The Aqua SmartGuard “cube” is the perfect fit in any modern home with its compact and elegant design while its state-of-the-art technologies make for a safe and healthy partner. The cube features a patented Firewall UVC technology that sanitizes the water from contaminants, bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. The Aqua SmartGuard also filters out particles that give the water a bad taste or smell without removing the necessary minerals. 

This modern and safe water dispenser features an antimicrobial protection added on the unit’s surface, dispensing buttons, nozzle and tray. This BioCote keeps the unit exterior safe from germs and bacteria, giving everyone in the family added protection

The Aqua SmartGuard also provides the family with four temperature modes — ambient, cold, hot and extra hot — to accommodate various day-to-day hydration needs.

Besides complementing the home and kitchen aesthetic, upgrading to the Aqua SmartGuard eliminates having to haul gallon sized containers or wait for water supply. It also reduces, if not totally stops, using water bottles, which contributes to cutting plastic wastes.

To top it all off, Waterlogic offers a Total Care Service that takes care of the unit’s installation and maintenance such as replacement of filters and UV lamps. The Total Care Service,priced at Php1,490 only, can be paid using debit or credit cards or Peso Pay, bank transfer, payment Gateways auto-debit orGCash.

For more details on Aqua SmartGuard, its products and the Total Care Service, visit

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