Adulting is a Go with Globe Prepaid’s all new Go+ promos

Adulting is a Go with Globe Prepaid’s all new Go+ promos

Paying bills, doing your taxes, keeping a well-stocked pantry–adulting is hard, especially when you add a pandemic into the mix of daily challenges. The good news is that Filipinos today have technology as their partner in navigating life’s new normal, especially when it comes to keeping themselves safe and healthy.

Globe Prepaid customers, for one, need not worry about getting access to all the wellness and financial services they need, thanks to the launch of all improved Go+ promos. As the leveled-up Go+ promo with more freebies under its portfolio that cater not just to subscribers’ content, lifestyle, and entertainment needs, but also to the security of their finances and physical and mental wellbeing.

“We launched Go+ last year to address Filipinos’ needs to be online on their preferred platforms, with our high GB offerings and content freebies,” says Givielle Florida, Brand Head of Globe Prepaid. “With the improved Go+, we are continuing our pursuit to expand and give Filipinos access to life-enabling services they need to help them get back on track to the future they aspire to have.”

Under GoSAVE, Globe Prepaid customers can take stock of their savings and make better financial plans through the use ofGCash Credits feature. All they need to do is choose the Go+ promo they want to register under (Go+ 99, 129, 149, 250, or 400), and they are given the option to use their freebie for P10, P15, or P20 of GCash Credits which they can deposit to their GSave account, eventually helping them build the all-important habit of, as people say, saving up for rainy days.

“This feature is especially helpful for younger Filipinos who want to become financially secure and eventually independent but are struggling with how to start doing so.” says Florida. 

“Helping Gen Zs form that habit of putting a small amount in their savings account can help them build up to something bigger in the future,” she adds.

Also part of Globe Prepaid’s long-term goals is to help the younger generation take better care of themselves, both physically and mentally with GoHEALTH. Go+ promos also have health services freebie that includes the option for subscribers to avail of free mental health consultation via KonsultaMD; HealthNow discount vouchers for medicine delivery or medical consultation. 

“Apart from recognizing their financial needs, Filipinos have become more conscious of their physical and mental health because of this pandemic–and Globe Prepaid is here to help them achieve their health goals,” Florida says.

Finally, Go+ still comes with access to the promo’s rich portfolio of apps, for those days when you just need to take a breather from your everyday routine. These include Go+’sGoWATCH, GoPLAY, GoSHARE, GoLEARN, GoWORK, GoPINOY, GoANIME and more, which can all easily be availed thanks to the app-specific data of up to 15GBs that also comes with the improved Go+ promo.

“All these offers under Go+ are geared toward one thing: To help Filipinos, especially the youth, own their future despite these trying times,” says Givielle Florida. “By subscribing to Globe Prepaid, it will be easier for them to navigate life thanks to their access to all of today’s digital essentials.”

These improved Go+ promos can also be availed in the new GlobeOne app.

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