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The digital future is happening now, and it is taking the entire world by storm. With its capacity to speed things up, improve efficiency, provide convenience, and many other benefits, various industries across the world are currently undergoing digital transformation. Even in a field characterized by concrete, tangible, spaces, the real estate industry is also moving towards a digital ecosystem.

SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the largest and fastest growing real estate company in the Philippines, recognizes digitalization as a global phenomenon that can positively impact the industry and make an invaluable contribution to sustainable development. Embracing the need for a shift in operations and technology, SMDC continues to accelerate its digital efforts to deliver comfort and convenience to their communities.

The journey from prospective homeowner to being a member of an SMDC community has been made easier through various digital initiatives. Digital property features and walkthroughs highlight development designs and amenities catered to diverse consumer interests. These virtual experiences also allow for the viewing of units, making it possible for anyone to get a feel of a space that could soon be called home.

Beyond virtual viewings, SMDC’s push for digital transformation drives seamless customer experience with simplified reservation, payment, and property management processes. 

Property Viewing and Reservation Anytime, Anywhere
SMDC’s road to digitalization is not just limited to its residents. In fact, prospective homeowners can enjoy the convenience of digital property tours and immersing themselves with their future SMDC units through immersive 360 viewings. Through this, they can check out various SMDC properties and units wherever they may be. 

Units can also be reserved through the Property page on the SMDC website. Users can select their desired unit and payment terms, and a secure payment system ensures reservation fees can be paid safely online. For any further clarifications, a team of property associates is always available to offer assistance by simply clicking the Chat icon.

Soon after purchase, homeowners can start managing their accounts through the SMDC Account Management System (SAM) that offers several options to conveniently pay the monthly amortization.

Turnover at the Comfort of Your Home

The joy and excitement of finally accepting an SMDC unit is one of the things buyers look forward to.

With the SMDC Virtual Turnover Experience (VTE), new owners will get to enjoy the experience of a full handover of their unit, despite the limited physical transaction. Aside from creating a safer way of unit acceptance, it also provides a walkthrough of the community, an actual live viewing of the unit with an SMDC Turnover Associate, and a rundown of the Greenmist Property Management Corporation (GPMC) and SMDC Prime Key Leasing services.

Living the Digital Life

Current residents are also treated to constant upgrades, as SMDC continues to roll out ways to make living more convenient. 

With the changes brought about by the pandemic, SMDC recalibrated its take on property management and has implemented contactless transactions. This way, it is both safe and convenient for all SMDC homeowners. GPMC has an app that allows homeowners to easily apply for gate passes, work permits, amenity reservations, and even file concerns online.

SMDC also enhanced its connectivity to ensure that residents working from home will be able to comfortably do so. Now, residents can expand their homes beyond their current units and will be able to work in common areas within the property without having to worry about Internet access.

The digital transformation of the real estate sector helps boost productivity, simplifies processes, and most importantly, allows the industry to focus on the expectations of prospective homeowners. By leading the charge in digital transformation, SMDC not only responds to changing market demands, but also brings real added value to the company, its developments, and its communities through greater convenience, better performance, and a simplified end-to-end user experience.

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