The importance of having a reliable business partner: foodpanda shares vendors’ success stories

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The pandemic and the community quarantines have affected many food businesses and restaurants nationwide. With people being restricted from dining in restaurants, many restaurants have turned into partnering with food delivery services to continue their operations. Fortunately, there are food delivery companies, such as foodpanda, that help vendors keep in touch with their customers.

foodpanda did not only help these entrepreneurs survive the worst of the lockdowns, it even helped them grow amidst the challenges–connecting them with customers, expanding their reach, and allowing them to grow their businesses. For retail shops and food businesses, foodpanda is a reliable business partner that they can depend on through thick and thin. 

Leylam Shawarma

Leylam Shawarma is a restaurant that sells Turkish-inspired products. Its directors wanted to acquaint Filipinos with Turkish cuisine. Initially, it was difficult to sell the wrap to the Filipinos but eventually, Leylam became a hit when it introduced Leylam Rice. The company tied up with foodpanda back in June 2020, and for a partnership duration of only a little over a year, Leylam now has more than 100 outlets enrolled with foodpanda. Their management mentioned that this partnership with foodpanda really helped their business grow in terms of sales increase and better customer reach, especially in this new normal. Their business’ continuous success gives them hope that they’ll be able to have more outlets in the Philippines. More than this, however, they also said that the best part of this partnership was making customers happy and satisfied, and also helping their people grow with the organization.

Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant

Cindy’s Bakery and Restaurant, which has been around since 1972, started out as a bakery in Tarlac. It quickly gained popularity for its fluffy breads and buttery pastries. Eventually, Cindy’s grew into a full-service eatery, expanding its menu to include more savory dishes like its bestselling Palabok and Chicken Barbecue. Today, it has 29 outlets on the foodpanda network, and expressed satisfaction at how the partnership provided an opportunity for Cindy’s to reach more untapped markets. This not only led to an increase in customer visits but also led to a 30% average sales growth, which the company hopes will be sustained. 

Kanzen Sushi Roll

Kanzen Sushi Roll, which joined foodpanda as one of its pioneer partners, acknowledges how foodpanda has helped it sustain its business and serves as a bridge to unreachable customers. foodpanda has also allowed the company to bring affordable Japanese cuisine to the market. 

Kanzen currently has all 30 of its outlets with foodpanda, and it is grateful for the platform’s brand of service as all questions, problems and requests could be resolved with one click, not to mention their system that makes sure everything is spic and span.

As the Philippine economy recovers, foodpanda will continue to serve as a partner to food vendors and enterprises, supporting them in growing their businesses and expanding their footprints. Through foodpanda’s platform and partner riders, food businesses can be assured of steady, reliable support that would allow them to better serve customers, reach new markets, and build up their businesses.

For food enterprises that want to take their business to the next level, partner with food panda to enjoy the help of a steady business partner. For more details on how to be among foodpanda’s vendor partners, check out

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