Globe Innoverse: Non-stop innovation for customers to strengthen care and compassion

Globe Innoverse: Non-stop innovation for customers to strengthen care and compassion

Bringing together all its powerful innovations, the Wonderful World of Globe presents the Globe INNOVERSE (Innovation Universe). Showcasing Globe’s transformation into The Globe Group – a digital solutions platform with a footprint in fintech, healthcare, entertainment, adtech, e-commerce, manpower, IT services, and venture capital.

INNOVERSE highlights the Globe Group’s vast ecosystem of technologies made to uplift the lives of its customers. It shows how the Globe Group has reshaped the Filipino digital life, empowering people with a richer connected experience. This enables everyone to become the best versions of themselves as they navigate the new digital world.  

“When we started 2021, we thought we could already put the pandemic behind us. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I think we can start having a new perspective that we will just live with this virus. And this is what the Globe Innoverse is all about – a universe of non-stop innovation to serve our customers better, make them feel valued, and with digital technologies, enable them to live a better life,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

The Globe INNOVERSE tour looks at the new Filipino digital life and how digital solutions have solved pain points in different sectors like education, health, finance, leisure-tainment, productivity, business, and digital readiness, among others. 

Life-enabling solutions

917Ventures, for instance, brings convenience and life-enabling solutions for both customers and businesses.  Its e-wallet service provider GCash leads the fintech space serving 51 million users and growing.  KonsultaMD has grown to be the country’s largest telehealth company, while HealthNow has developed to be the leading healthcare integrator in the Philippines. 

For the larger start-up community, Kickstart Ventures invests in Pre-Series A to C digital businesses to help them achieve scale and profitability. Kickstart manages over USD 240 million dollars worth of aggregated assets.

Connectivity at home or on-the-go

Globe Mobile and Globe At Home customers also experience innovative and value-for-money plans and promos for reliable and stronger connectivity. TM, for one, celebrates its loyal customer base as it hits its 20th anniversary and Globe Prepaid rolls out its latest affordable data promos. Both Globe Prepaid and TM’s newest products can be exclusively accessed via the GlobeOne app for hassle-free top-ups and subscriptions. GlobeOne now conveniently accepts GCash, as well as credit and debit cards.

Exclusive to the GlobeOne App, TM customers can check out EZ90 for ALLNET CALLS as well as ALLNET Doble FunAliw20 and 70 that comes with free content offers from apps like Facebook, Mobile Legends, YouTube, and Tiktok. Globe Prepaid on the other hand can register to their favorite Go50, Go90, and Go+99 or try UNLIGO. UNLIGO gives users unlimited access to their favorite apps whether for videos, games, or social media. 

Globe Postpaid also launched GPLAN Plus with bigger data allocations. Leftover GBs may also be converted to Globe Rewards points to claim perks in entertainment, wellness, and can even be donated to charitable organizations. All GPlan Plus plans also come with free unlimited 5G for 6 months along with unlimited all-net texts and calls to mobile and landline numbers.

At home, families can stay connected for just P999 with the Globe At Home Prepaid WIFI. Powered by ultra-fast LTE, the home prepaid WIFI lets the whole family stay connected with promos like HOMESHARE 199 with 25GB of data that can be used for online schooling, working from home, or watching and playing their favorite movies and games. Globe At Home postpaid customers also get a holiday treat with the Globe at Home FIBER Plans made more affordable with P300 off for 12 months. 

Globe Innoverse: Non-stop innovation for customers to strengthen care and compassion

Putting a premium on care and compassion 

The Globe Group’s digital transformation continues and 2022 is another year for even more innovations. Alongside these are the many ways by which the group takes care of its customers and addresses their needs and concerns through various platforms.  

GlobeOne app now has upgraded features giving customers the flexibility to manage and monitor their accounts all in one app. Digital assistants are also in place that allows customers to send their customers and receive a call back when necessary. Globe is also expanding its community-based servicing through Viber groups per area or city, to give customers more ways to get in touch with Globe receive assistance.Aside from its digital customer service platforms, Globe also launched the EasyHub – an innovative kiosk that is simple and conveniently divided into SHOP, PAY, and CARE. It provides hassle-free ways to transact with Globe without the need to wait in line. 

Securing a sustainable future

As the Globe Group secures the future of a digitally-transformed Philippines, it has also started on the journey to decrease carbon emissions and promote #OneSustainablePH. Globe is the first and so far the only Filipino company that has committed to set science-based targets in limiting global warming within the 1.5-degree scenario by 2030 and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  

Creating a Digital Nation

The backbone of Innoverse is Globe’s network, without which people cannot connect and communicate. Globe already exceeded its 2021 target of laying down 1 million fiber lines to Filipino homes, aiming to end the year with 1.4 million lines. As of October, it has constructed 1,080 new cell sites and upgraded 12,900 4G and 5G sites nationwide. The first in Southeast Asia, Globe’s 5G technology continues to expand in areas where 5G is needed.  

Globe’s expanded network served up 2730 Petabytes of data traffic to its customers as of the third quarter this year, the highest so far. This is concrete proof of what the Globe network is capable of. KonekTado WiFi was also rolled out in disadvantaged communities at affordable prices ensuring inclusive access to connectivity. 

Likewise, Globe takes care of businesses in their digital transformation to achieve growth despite economic uncertainties.  Globe Business goes beyond products by continuously empowering large corporations and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.  

With all these innovations coming together, The Globe Group offers a spark of hope to its customers that 2022 will be the year to rebound, recover, and regain control of their lives.  The Globe Group will continue to deliver what its customers need and more.

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