Industrial Enterprises to Gain Secure, Cloud-Based Operational Data Sharing with Announcement of AVEVA Data Hub

Industrial Enterprises to Gain Secure, Cloud-Based Operational Data Sharing with Announcement of AVEVA Data Hub

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability,  today announced its first SaaS offering that integrates key features of the market-leading PI System™ operations data management platform with the AVEVA industrial software portfolio. 

AVEVA Data Hub, a secure, cloud-native hub for aggregating, managing and securely sharing operations data to gain new insights and improve operating performance, will deliver the proven operations data-sharing capabilities of OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) through the convenient AVEVA Connect industrial cloud platform. 

AVEVA Connect subscribers will enjoy the flexibility to access AVEVA Data Hub services alongside any mix of other AVEVA cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions as their business needs change, using the AVEVA Flex subscription program. 

“Customers are telling us that it’s not a question of whether they will adopt the cloud to view, enrich and share real-time and historical operations data, but how and when,” said Rónán de Hooge, AVEVA’s Executive Vice President of Information. “AVEVA Data Hub provides this answer, making it easy to aggregate and contextualize on-premises and remote data sources and securely share insights with a colleague across town, a business partner on the other side of the world, or even a data science application in the cloud for predictive modelling.”

Customer applications for the technology have ranged from ensuring safe drinking water with predictive notifications to preparing data for advanced analysis to monitoring critical, remote equipment. 

The benefits of AVEVA Data Hub include:

∙ Native integration with PI System products such as PI Server and Edge Data Store, enabling easy, secure access to a single source of truth for operating data, from multi-plant facilities to the most remote and rugged environments.

∙ Nothing to install, maintain or program: authorized users have self-service data access through a simple browser interface, with all software updates and infrastructure managed by AVEVA. 

∙ Purpose-built to handle the unique needs of operations data, even if receipt is delayed or out of order.

AVEVA Data Hub was unveiled at this week’s AVEVA PI World Digital conference, which continues through October 21. It will become generally available for customer deployment in early 2022. Its predecessor product, OCS, is still available. Existing OCS customers will continue to be supported and have a path forward that preserves their information investments. 

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