Shakey’s strengthens operations with 31-Minute Delivery

Shakey’s strengthens operations with 31-Minute Delivery

Staying true to its promise to always put guests first and provide top-tier reliable service that meets the needs of its patrons, Shakey’s Pizza, the Philippines’ leading chained full-service restaurant boosts its operations and adapts to the evolving needs of the market by rolling out the first and only 31-minute delivery guarantee in the Metro.

“As demand for delivery service increases, Shakey’s is even more driven in wanting to meet the needs of its loyal customers by intensifying its operations within Metro Manila,” said Shakey’s President Vicente Gregorio.

Innovations to ‘Wow’

“At Shakey’s, we have this philosophy of ‘wow’-ing our guests by continuously building on what we currently offer,” said Shakey’s General Manager Jorge Concepcion.

The food chain has invested in technologies to improve their service and continue providing quality restaurant service that their guests are familiar with. Shakey’s has improved its technologies from order acceptance all the way to after-sales guest feedback resolution. For instance, Shakey’s has recently launched its new Shakey’s Super App for easier order placement and instant dispatch to the stores. The new Rider Dispatch App has also been overhauled to allow guests across all ordering channels to track their orders.  

In addition, a new feedback resolution system has been put in place for quick issue resolution and guest recovery.

Anywhere in Metro Manila! 31 Minutes If it’s late, It’s FREE!

Starting October, Shakey’s guests can now expect their delivery to arrive anywhere in the Metro within 31 minutes, from orders via the Shakey’s Super app, Shakey’s Philippines Facebook Messenger, the official Shakey’s website, or the Shakey’s hotline.

Shakey’s strengthens operations with 31-Minute Delivery

“The Shakey’s Anywhere in Metro Manila 31-Minute Delivery Guarantee is our commitment to our guests who have continuously supported us over the years. We aim to always exceed their expectations, and this new delivery service allows us to provide our restaurant experience straight to their homes,” shared Shakey’s Head of Delivery Kellda Centeno.

In order to guarantee this promise, Shakey’s aims to expand its presence in Metro Manila. Recently, Shakey’s has opened 13 stores totaling to over 130 stores catering to deliver in 31 minutes or less within Metro Manila. 

The new delivery service also ensures the well-being of the riders. All late deliveries will be charged to the store handling the order, alleviating the burden and pressure on the riders.

With these efforts to further strengthen Shakey’s service and operations, Concepcion believes that the entire Shakey’s team, from the kitchen staff to the riders, has made this heroic promise possible. “The continued patronage of our valued customers is what inspires all of us at Shakey’s to step up our efforts to serve. We are very grateful to our team members who share the same vision and drive, and have made these innovations possible.”

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