Say goodbye to “Amoy Kulob” with Surf Power Combo

Surf Power Combo

Rainy days are here again. Most who do their laundries will agree that it’s a big problem in drying the clothes and keeping it smelling fresh and without the “amoy kulob”.

With the use of Surf Powders Cherry Blossom and Surf Fabcon Blossom Fresh, you can keep your clothes clean and smell fresh like blooming flowers. Say goodbye to “amoy kulob” at a very affordable price.

With Surf Power Combo, you can be assured of Linis at 2X bango na, sa presyong wais pa!

Good news from Surf and Shopee, this weekend Add to Cart and get your Surf Products for up to 21% OFF from October 14-16 with freebies & vouchers up to 100PHP OFF, with free shipping! You can also get a chance to win a FREE Washing Machine! Wais Talaga!

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