Chevron donates Bokashi Pinoy Compost Kits to less fortunate families in Tondo, Manila

Chevron donates Bokashi Pinoy Compost Kits to less fortunate families in Tondo, Manila
Chevron donated Bokashi Compost Kits to disadvantaged families to help them on their journey to self-sustainability in terms of food production.

Chevron recently held a virtual workshop, Project Bokashi Compost, as part of their Annual Volunteer week. The activity aimed to promote a sustainable lifestyle among its volunteer employees by teaching them to divert food wastes away from landfills and into urban areas where healthy soil can be produced to support local food production.  

Chevron partnered with Bokashi Pinoy Composting, a social enterprise that aims to save the environment one bucket at a time through their homegrown Bokashi Ipa. Chevron donated Bokashi Compost kits and Grocery bags to 56 families in Tondo, Manila through St. John Bosco Parish and Bureau of Plant Industry’s Gulayan ni Juan. Gulayan ni Juan is a community effort that help families within Tondo to sustain their livelihood by selling local produce. The donation made aims to help these families to grow more crops for less cost and earn more by using Bokashi Composting technology. 

Around 127 employees of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) and Chevron Holdings Inc. (CHI) attended a virtual workshop wherein they learned the importance of composting and process behind it using the Bokashi Compost Ipa technology. Bokashi Pinoy’s bran is specifically made with rice hull (also known in Tagalog as “ipa”) with good microbes which is the heart of Bokashi composting. This workshop was facilitated by a Certified Bokashi Compost Mentor and Edible Urban gardener, Ms. Karen Pascua. 

Project Bokashi Compost is part of a series of activities for Chevron Volunteer Week 2021 that aims to  provide sustainable aid to local communities and promote a healthier  lifestyle among its volunteers.

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