Fun and easy DIY hair transformations with Jennyhouse Cosmetics

Fun and easy DIY hair transformations Yes, you can now do it at home with Jennyhouse Cosmetics

Self-care comes in many forms. One of the many ways to take care of ourselves is by looking good. Now it may seem vain, but, the truth is, these beauty habits can help make us feel good about ourselves.

So why don’t we start with our crowning glory? Hair grows… and it has grown even longer the past year or so. With salon visits on hold, how do we deal with boring hair at home? Introducing three new products by K-beauty brand Jennyhouse that will make your hair—and life—more colorful and vibrant. From one of the top K-drama romcom series, Crash Landing On You’s Son Ye-jin is the brand’s hair category ambassador and you’ll see her face in the packaging of Jennyhouse’s latest hair DIY coloring kit.

Jennyhouse Glam Hair Color

Always sold out, this new hair coloring home kit offers both hair color and care in one use. It also covers gray hair but delivers shiny and healthy hair color at the same time. A complete scalp irritation test was also conducted, making sure it’s safe to use.

It also has five safe and potent ingredients that keep hair healthy: Centella Asiatica Extract that soothes scalp and hair, lessening hair damage; Olive oil so it doesn’t stain; Hydrokeratin that provides coating and the nutrition the hair needs; and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate that recovers damaged hair and provides a shining conditioning effect

Choose from seven shades black 1N, dark brown 5NB, natural brown 6NB, rose gold brown 7RB, pink brown 9CPB, coral pink brown 9CPB, and ash brown 11AB.

Jennyhouse 1-day Artist Hair Tint

In the mood to experiment with your hair but can’t commit to it? Then this 1-day artist hair tint is your partner when it comes to your hair coloring adventures. Each tube contains 17 different types of amino acid complex that provides nutrition, forming moisture films that surround your hair for that extra protection. It also makes the hair shafts soft and helps to attach color particles onto the locks.

It comes with a self-produced rotary applicator which means that while you swipe downwards, the roller rotates to help make application easy, delivering uniform results. Choose from four colors: 01 Lovely Mood Pink which is a sweet pink shade that reminds us of melting color candy; 02 Romantic Chic Blue that gives off a romantic cool vibe; 03 Stylish Silver is classy, stylish, and makes the wearer stand out; and 04 Vintage Shine Gold that comes with deep gold and fine glitters for that subtle shimmer.

Jennyhouse Self-Up Hair Line Brush

Here’s a brush that offers not one, not two, but three solutions. First, it helps fill in gaps on your scalp. It can even cover up gray hair. Second, use the fine hair brush to accentuate the texture of the eyebrows for a striking impression. Lastly, it can also be used for facial contouring. The brush is designed in an oblique angle that helps in delivering clear and even application for a more natural look.

Its key ingredients include Oil Binder that holds the powder to minimize flakes; Sheet Powder to improve adhesion on skin and hair; Rubus Chamaemorus Seed Oil that protects the hair and skin from external aggressors; Coconut oil to protect and keep hair shiny; Camelia Japonica Seed Oil that has antimicrobial properties; and Black Pearl Powder that prevents skin infiltration of harmful effects, including UV filtering.

Available in two shades: 01 Natural brown that is recommended for colored and bright-colored brown hair; and02 Dark Brown which is recommended for black and dark brown hair.

Thanks to the ladies behind Areum Manila, the official distributor of Jennyhouse Cosmetics, Rachelle Tan Stern and Terry Tantoco-Dy have given their full trust to this K-beauty brand. “What attracted us to Jennyhouse initially was that it was endorsed by Son Ye-jin as the only trusted hair care line. We tried it and the results were perfect. We especially love the hair products because they are made with the best natural ingredients,” says Rachelle.

Now, we have three new exciting products from Korea to have fun with—Jennyhouse Glam Hair Color, Jennyhouse 1-day Artist Hair Tint, and Jennyhouse Self-Up Hair Line Brush. Terry Tantoco-Dy adds, “With the endless home quarantines, now is the best time to be kind to ourselves. It is vital to take the time to care and be mindful of our needs. Our hair needs as much love so we bring you the new collection from Jennyhouse, the number 1 beauty salon who leads in the K-Beauty trends. They’re also behind the striking hairstyles of top celebrities in Korea.”

*Areum Manila is the official distributor of Jennyhouse Cosmetics.

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