Brow Better, Brow Badder With Smashing New Brow Must-Haves From Issy & Co.

Brow Better, Brow Badder With Smashing New Brow Must-Haves From Issy & Co.

Issy & Co. makes a strong comeback with a new, edgy look and two killer brow products that pack a punch: the Brow Pencil Pro and the Precision Brow Pen. The two new releases come after the wild clamor for the brand’s best-selling, cult-favorite, OG brow product—the Brow Refiner.

“These are brow products that give you brows so bad—it’s criminal,” begins Joel Andrade, creative director and co-founder of Issy & Co. “We’re done playing it safe. There’s no backing down for us this time! We’re going all out—giving you stronger, harder-working, and better-than-ever brow tools. And we can’t wait for you to show us your fiercest looks!”

The three products—the original Brow Refiner, and the new Brow Pencil Pro and the Precision Brow Pen—are meant to be used together, he adds. And true to Issy & Co.’s brand ethos, these are hybrid products—a makeup and brow care in one—because, yup, they’re extra like that.

“Nothing can make a bigger impact than beautifully framed brows,” Andrade says, noting how in times like these when we’re all in our masks, the killing point of our faces have become the eyes—and brows definitely play a major part. “Whether you’re a professional who likes to experiment, or a beginner who’s just learning, you can easily go from 0 to 100 with these products.”

Brow Better, Brow Badder With Smashing New Brow Must-Haves From Issy & Co.

The Brow Pencil Pro, which retails for Php249, is a defining pencil with a built-in styler. An updated and improved version of the original brow pencil, this one also comes with the paddle styling brush, but with a slimmer pencil for ease of use and control. The finer-tip allows you to draw hair-like strokes as well as define, shade, and fill in your brows however you want it.

“The pencil is slim but durable. You won’t have to worry about it breaking while you use it,” explains Andrade. “The brush makes it super blendable, so if you overdraw, it’s easy to correct it.” It comes in the shades of ash, ash brown, taupe brown, and warm brown, and in a formulation that’s infused with castor oil and Vitamin E to help nourish and condition the brows.

The Precision Brow Pen, which retails for Php299, is a micro-fine feathering pen with a quick-drying and bleed-proof formula. The detailing pen has a brush tip that can create fine, feather-like strokes and natural-looking, detailed brows.

“Consider this pen as the next-level brow tool that you’ll enjoy experimenting with,” says Andrade. “The more you use it, the more you’ll be able to make detailed and precise brows that can dramatically elevate your look.” It comes in the same shade range—ash, ash brown, taupe brown, and warm brown, and is likewise infused with castor oil and propanediol, which hydrates the brows. It’s water-resistant, bleed-proof, and smudge resistant, too.

Like never before, the Brow Pencil Pro and the Precision Brow Pen come with a chrome-metal finishing on its components, signifying the brand’s new direction: a more daring and future-focused approach to beauty. There’s no stopping Issy & Co.

“We always say that brows are the easiest way to change up your look,” reiterates Andrade. “But the choice is completely yours. Be bold and fearless in the way you want to be. Our new brow products are all about empowering you to explore your creativity while kicking butt at the same time.”

Issy & Co.’s Brow Better, Brow Badder collection will be available at Shopee, Lazada, and BeautyMNL on September 14. A limited-edition brow kit will be available exclusively online! Called the Issy & Co. Pro Brow Bundle, the kit comes in four different shade combinations and includes one Brow Pencil Pro, one Precision Brow Pen, one Brow Refiner, plus a limited-edition Issy & Co.Metal case and the Brow collection campaign poster—all for only P799.

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