Rap Duo P:6 and Sam Cruz collab for “Changes”

Rap Duo P:6 and Sam Cruz collab for “Changes”

Hiphop duo P:6 talks about changes in their sophomore single for 2021. Featuring up-and-coming artist Sam Cruz, “Changes” is inspired by the personal journey that they are all going through especially during this trying times.  “In the song, youll hear 3 different perspectives on the word change and our ways of dealing with the changes going on in our lives”, said P:6. The duo’s grit and Sam’s elan parallel with the music video’s showcasing of the youth’s boldness, confidence, and freedom to express one’s identity.

Sam’s R&B vibe and reverberating voice seamlessly fused with P:6 brand of music. Earlier this year, the young artist just dropped her debut single under Universal Records called “Train of Thoughts.” Apart from her charming qualities and vocal prowess, she’s also seen in various tv shows and has been vocal about women empowerment.

Inspired by the big names in the hiphop culture, P:6 entered the local music scene in 2019 and has since been creating upbeat, hard-hitting, and catchy compositions. “Changes” follows their debut single under Universal Records entitled “Pricey.” Prior to this, the duo has been releasing songs independently such as “Fly N Pimpin’,” “Rose Gold,” and the forthright BAAL. Their latest single is set to be released on August 27th, concluding the month with their distinct trap bass, swag and light melody.

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