Where Life Mirrors Success

You’re young, you’re driven, you hustle, you are on the go. You want a nesting place that mirrors your aspirations of being the best that you can be. A home that allows you to relax after a day’s work so you can do more, live more, and be more. 

SMDC Twin Residences might just be the perfect home for you: a complete and vibrant, mixed-use development that reflects your success. Located in the dynamic and highly urbanized City of Las Piñas, this 25-storey development pleases you with all the upgraded modern comforts that you’ve worked hard for, and encourages you to keep going for greater achievements. 

SMDC Twin Residences is the perfect home for today’s achievers
The modern exterior of SMDC Twin Residences reflects the dynamic lifestyle it offers its residents. The iconic development is set to redefine the real estate landscape of Las Pinas.

Live a Life of Connectivity 

Support your on-the-go routine with a myriad of lifestyle choices accessible from home. Be where schools, hospitals, business centers and major thoroughfares are just a walk or a short drive away. 

The growing urban center of Las Piñas City connects you to key destinations via the Metro Manila Skyway, the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) and Aguinaldo Highway. Whether you’re hitting the beach on a weekend, or heading to the office on a weekday, Twin Residences gives you easy access to a well-balanced lifestyle of work and play. 

Attainable Luxury

Come home to a lifestyle of luxury and comfort you deserve – the grandest there is in your immediate community. Your cosmopolitan twin-tower hideaway is a mix of classic and contemporary design, fit for the dynamic young professional that you are. Be enamored by the bespoke furnishings, and revel in the interiors’ modern opulence – glittering chandeliers, gold and beige tones of marbled floors, sparkling glass walls, and plush seating, all encapsulated in spacious grand lobbies. Enjoy an elevated lifestyle without having to break the bank.

SMDC Twin Residences is the perfect home for today’s achievers
Inspired by ying and yang design, the elegantly designed lobbies and common areas of SMDC Twin Residences offer an opulent and warm welcome to residents and their guests.

Experience the convenience of living right next to a mall, and having your own commercial promenade at the ground floor of your development, bringing life’s conveniences right to your doorstep. 

Work Hard, Play Hard 

Come home and unwind in your thoughtfully-crafted space. Your home at Twin Residences will be your sanctuary after a hard day’s work. 

SMDC Twin Residences is the perfect home for today’s achievers
The 6th floor of the development is decked out with indoor and outdoor amenities that allow residents to enjoy moments of relaxation and also live an active lifestyle.

Balance your rigorous schedule with an active and healthy lifestyle. Break a sweat at the fitness gym, or do laps in any of the swimming pools. Jog around the landscaped footpath, and then find a spot in any of the lush pocket gardens where you can meditate and find your Zen. At SMDC Twin Residences, you’ll find yourself invigorated, motivated, and ready to face the world once more. 

SMDC Twin Residences is the perfect home for today’s achievers
Residents can take their fitness journey to the next level at the fully-equipped indoor fitness gym.

An Investment for the Future 

Secure your future, by generating returns on your real estate investment. Let SMDC’s Prime Key Leasing help you generate passive income with their hassle-free leasing services. Whether for short-term or long-term lease, a dedicated team will look for prospective tenants for your unit. Prime Key Leasing can also help you with the upkeep of your unit with their on-demand cleaning and repair services to ensure that your property is always in tip-top condition.  

SMDC Twin Residences is the perfect home for today’s achievers
Available at SMDC Twin Residences are studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, ranging from 20.15 sq.m. to 39.10 sq.m.

The track record of the capital appreciation of SMDC properties assure you of a secure investment for your future, so you can continue building on the success that you’ve started. 

The Beginning of Milestones 

Investing in SMDC Twin Residences is just the first of many milestones and wonderful memories ahead of you. With a real estate investment that offers a well-balanced lifestyle, convenient access to everything that you will ever need, and returns for a secure future, you can continue working on your goals that will pave the way for you to aim and reach for the stars.

For more details about SMDC’s Twin Residences, visit www.smdc.com/properties/twin-residences/.

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