Wacoal: Beauty Starts From Within

Wacoal: Beauty Starts From Within

Ageing is a beautiful thing. Experiencing life, learning, and growing, is only something that can come from the years of living. Of course, with this come the natural changes that the body experiences as a person progresses in life’s timeline. 

These changes don’t have to take away a woman’s confidence or make them think they’re not beautiful. In fact, drawing inspiration from the statement, “Beauty starts from within.”, paying attention to what we wear inside our outfits, can contribute tons to how we look and feel at any age. 

Wacoal, a leader in women’s underwear, has taken the time and invested the resources to monitor the changes that happen in a woman’s body from their late teens to their 60s, covering more than 40,000 women in their studies.  The result is a principle called Spiral Ageing. 

Spiral Ageing basically means that women undergo three major physiological changes within a 30-year period. During her 20s, a woman’s body completes its transformation to adulthood. Moving to her 30s, a woman may experience sudden weight gain, accompanied by other drastic physical changes. By the time she reaches her 40s, the upper part of the body will be visibly growing larger than the lower half. 

Aesthetically, this shows in less firmness in breasts and hip area. These physical differences come from a number of things like hormonal changes, the skin’s loss of firmness and softness, and a decrease in one’s metabolism. 

Wacoal: Beauty Starts From Within

The Importance of Fit 

Wacoal believes that no matter what point you are in your life, you are beautiful. Ageing is a gift, something that women, and everyone really, should embrace. The company works to protect and enhance this beauty by providing the correct underwear fit for a woman at the age she’s in.  

The degree of ageing process of the body is not the same for everyone. For instance, women in their 40s are generally in body age 2, but some might be at body age 1. Awareness of what stage you are in in the ageing process is essential for the selection of correct underwear. 

Stages of Body Ageing 

Body age 0: Before ageing stars, the breasts are ideally round 

Women in this stage should choose a bra that emphasizes the shape of their breast, waist and hips. Do not wear bras that are too tight or too loose. It should fit perfectly to help preserve the body’s shape.

Body Age 1: A sign the ageing has started. The upper part of the breasts splits.

Women in this stage should choose a bra that will provide lift and support such as bras with underwire, pads, and side panels with reinforced fabric or resin bones. 

Body Age 2: The breast begin to sag, the nipples start to point downward.   

Women should pay attention to bras with underwire, thicker pads on the lower portion of the cups, and wider panels with reinforced fabric or resin bones. The underwire lifts the breasts, the pads help provide volume and the side panel help push the breasts inward.

Body Age 3: The breast continue to sag, turning outward. They also continue to become softer.

In addition to bras with underwire, pads, and panels with reinforced fabric or resin bone, women in this stage should choose bras with wider straps and side panels to help push the breast from sides to center. These provide support not only for the breasts, but also for the shoulders and the back. 

Tips and Tricks

Like the perfect outfit, there are no shortcuts to finding the perfect bra. Don’t neglect the fitting process because the correct underwear will give you the fit and support that you need. In fact, when buying a bra, take time to try two or three options, and move around to see which fits you best. You can also try to wear your clothes over the new underwear to see how it looks. Seek the assistance of the Wacoal beauty advisers who would be more than happy to assist you inside the fitting room to give you pointers on what fits perfectly.

Perfectly fitted underwear improves the silhouette and posture of the body.  

So really, ageing doesn’t have to put a dent in your confidence and spirit. Keep that zest for life! Exercise, eat healthy, and keep your passion alive. Embrace the age you’re in with Wacoal. 

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