Everise continues growth trajectory, bolsters workforce in the Philippines

Everise continues growth trajectory, bolsters workforce in the Philippines

Singapore-headquartered Everise, the next-generation BPO company, will bolster its workforce in the Philippines to service growing demand from existing clients for additional services, which include managing digital customer support channels. Everise dominates in the technology, healthcare, and eCommerce verticals, and it is these clients that need additional support to manage content moderation of their social media assets, along with live chat support functions. 

Currently Everise employs about 3,000 customer service champions in the Philippines. Although some of the work they offer is seasonal, they are seeking to grow their pool of permanent employees who will either work from home, or within a call center. 

As tech, healthcare, and eCommerce players grow, so too is Everise, who have earned their reputation for flexible delivery and who enable these entities to rapidly scale across markets. The consumer experience of a brand now needs to be ubiquitous across all touchpoints, which is where Everise’s support is valued. 

Passionate customer bases help create and engage with branded content. Organizations that rely on such user-generated content, such as product reviews, increasingly need help with content moderation so that the content visible on their website is a resource that delivers value to the business and the consumer. 

To aid this, Everise has developed a proprietary technology stack that deploys AI and other workflow-based tools to help manage content so that when moderators are deployed, they are not overly exposed to content that is distressing, horrific, or designed to defraud people. Tech tools limit risk, because the technology filters out risky content and can be scaled on demand. 

Purpose-built technological tools help Everise to streamline workflows and rapidly identify potential risks, or issues. Everise customers benefit from this approach as, for example, brands can experience a drop in fraud rates when a content moderation team works with technological tools, which may even include digital fingerprinting technology, designed to identify, and prevent the return of bad actors.

The use of algorithms help with less complex tasks, while complex and uncertain issues are passed to skilled humans to deftly deal with, permitting faster moderation and identification of issues before they escalate.

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