Is it a Yes or No?

One of the most common card games is Solitaire.

I first knew of Solitaire through my grandmother. Every afternoon before she prays her novena and rosary, I would catch her playing Solitaire using cards. This is in the late 80’s.

In this time, most are on their mobile phones or laptops so good thing online version of Solitaire. You can now play Solitaire while in transit, during breaks or in your free time. You can check to play Solitaire using your browser. If you are new to Solitaire, you don’t have to worry, an easy to understand instruction on how to play it is available on their website.

Here in the Philippines, some uses Solitaire in making decisions or to ask a question — like a fortune teller. It is believed that if you finish a solitaire, it means a “it’s a yes” to your question. While if you didn’t complete it, “it’s a no”.

Is there a question that you would want an answer? Ask Solitaire.

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